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  1.  And I hated RTS lol


    I never played RTS because I just didn't like it at all.
    After my world of warcraft friends got addicted to this I decided to give it a shot.
    Ofc at first I waas terrible at it, but after I bit I got the hang of it and now Starcraft 2 is just about the only game I still play.
    The thrill you get from this game is insane.
    the community is the best I've ever seen, tournaments are ridiculously big, etc...

    I highly recommend you try this game.
    Everyone must give starcraft a shot, it's one of the best games ever made!

  2.  Bulletstorm, now with added lightning!


    You start off in space where you are introduced to the main character.
    After a very short introduction where you get the feel of the controls your airship crashes on a planet filled with not-so-friendly hosts.

    In bulletstorm there's only 1 real objective that's constantly in the player's mind.
    Kill, everything, as brutal as possible.
    Killing an enemy rewards you with 'Skillpoints'
    These skillpoints are currency for weapon upgrades and ammo.
    The more brutal your kill, the more skill points.
    Meaning that killing an enemy gives you 10 points, while pulling him towards you and kicking him into a cactus making blood splatter all over the place gives you 100.

    although all the standard weapons, like a pistol, shotgun and machine gun are at your disposal, the best thing about this game is the Energy Leash.
    This bad boy lets you pull enemies towards you from a distance.
    When you pull an enemy the game will enter a slow motion giving you a chance to find a good angle to kick him.

    Bulletstorm is an extremely fun game with very cool moments.
    One of the boss fights was personally the most intense one I have ever seen in a FPS game.