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  1.  A Word of Warning


    If there any potential buyers of the Blu Ray expecting the original 1925 version of The Gold Rush they will be, like me, disappointed as the Blu Ray only includes the inferior 1942 restored version. The 1925 original is only included on the accompanied DVD as an extra. Most annoying. Other than the fact that we don't have the original film on Blu Ray what we do have is of a superb quality both in sound and picture quality providing you can put up with the very annoying narration throughout the film.

  2.  Region Free DVD


    I am delighted with this player. Excellent value for money and no problem updating firmware. I have tried and tried and tried to make region free as shown in a recent post on here and it will not work ?

  3.  An excellent blu ray


    A great performance by John Wayne in one of his later films and refreshingly non pc. This could not be made now. Excellent colour and sound make this a must have blu ray if you like westerns.

  4.  Finally as it should be


    I have loved this film for a long time and bought it eagerly on vhs in both the original and extended versions only to be disappointed with both versions for their inferior picture and sound. When the dvd came along I was excited but again disappointed so it was with trepidation that I bought the blu ray. Let me say straight off I am delighted with this release. The picture and sound are vastly superior to the previous releases and the extras are modest but entertaining - best of all is the complete Morricone score. This Blu Ray takes pride of place and will be rewatched many times.

  5.  We still await the perfect Ran


    Both my video and dvd copies of this great great film were poor so I was really looking forward to this blu ray issue. Yes for the most it is better BUT the contrast has been raised so high that the film is very grainy. A disappointment.

  6.  A Blu Ray show off your system disc


    Having read the above reviews and having seen the trailer on a previous rented dvd I bought this on blu ray - one of my first - and yes for showing off your system it is staggering and during the "fantasy" sequences the photography, colour and sheer spectacle are staggering BUT when back in a Los Angeles hospital the film is dull and drags drags drags. I am not a Hollywoof blockbuster fan and love World Cinema and am used to slow placed films but this at times is plain dull. A shame because it could have been THE blu ray disc to have otherwise.

  7.  Good as it gets


    The reason Jane Austens books have remained classics for nigh on 200 years is because they are great works of literature and no TV or film adaption can ever replace that. As adaptions go though I have to admit this is thoroughly enjoyable with a great cast and excellent direction and of all the filmed versions this is the best I have seen.