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  1.  Great fun


    brought back so many memories of wwe of old. Good fun game and great to play as the ultimate warrior.

  2.  Best pes in years!


    I used to love pes on the ps2 but when it made the next gen jump it never really moved forward and fifa took its place as footy champ but now after playing both fifa11 and pes11 im happy to say pes is back. The graphics are superb and the gameplay is much smoother. Cant wait for final game.

  3.  Boring


    If it wasnt for the beautiful scenery this film would have recieved 1 star from me. The comedy was both boring and predictable.

  4.  Best Halo


    I wasnt expecting much from this game before i bought it. The reviews were good and all but the general buzz wasnt that great. But after playing it I can say this is without a doubt the best halo game ive ever played.
    The graphics might not be as good as say uncharted 2 or modern warfare 2 but the do a good enough job. The city itself is very well designed and really gives you the feeling that it truly is alive.
    The action is typical halo action which is a good thing because i still believe no shooter does it like halo. The guns are awesome especially the pistol and the silenced smg and i think the plasma rifle has had a slight improvement.
    trust me if you like halo, then you'll love this. The campaign is about the same length as halo3 and mw2 so not worth really complaining over and then you also have firefight which is friggin awesome plus you get all the multiplayer maps on a seperate disc. Damn good value if you ask me.

  5.  Not bad


    Thought this game wasnt bad, the campaign was good but it wasnt untill that last few level that it really got good. The zombie section is good but the one map gets boring after a while and 7.99 off psn for map packs is far too expensive.
    A good rental at best.

  6.  Fantastic!


    Without a doubt the best multiplayer experience ive ever had. Beats all the competition hands down. Cant wait for the full game.

  7.  Great film


    Really good film , the cast is great and it funny seeing so many household names at such a young age (especially tom cruise). Patrick swayze gives a great performance, as does matt dillon. Worth a look.

  8. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

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     Brilliant game


    This is one of the best games ive played this year. The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are great and the storyline is good (for a game).
    I recently hired prototype and all i wanted to do was jump back into infamous. Nuff said.

  9.  Try first


    One word to describe this game. Rental. I bought this the other day and its not a bad game but it gets boring very fast. Using the pke meter all the time get old quick.

  10.  Great purchase


    Upgraded my ps3 from 60gb to 500gb with complete ease. Without a doubt a great purchase, especially for 59.99 of playtrade. As alot of people have said the only thing to be careful with is the screws that hold the hdd in the ps3, be very careful taking them out. Apart from that the ps3 does everything else for you.