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  1.  XBOX 360 can use this stick and they are excellent


    I have two of these sticks I use to keep permanent backups of my XBOX 360 Down Load Content and game saves. They are very small and unobtrusive. The reason the data transfer speeds for the Sandisk USB drives are slow is simply to ensure data reliability.
    As I stated, I use them for keeping backups of my XBOX data away from the Xbox Hard Drive. They work fine as permanent storage.

  2.  Excellent feel good movie


    Well produced, well acted, funny and and totally excellent soundtrack. Hairspray is an outstanding film, and am now going to upgrade my dvd version to BRD. Also, if you get the chance, go see the live show, I saw it at Woking theatre( 23 Jan 2011 ) last night and it was amazing

  3.  Great fun


    As sequels go this is excellent, picking up straight after the first movie, they got the balance of Tony Starks arrogance and genius perfect. Wittily scripted, with some great action sequences, this film is about the people as much as the animated suits! One thing that is an issue is having 100s of grey battle suits fighting Iron Man at night, it bought back memories of the transformers movies...lots of fast moving metal objects, nice to see, but a tad detached as a viewing experience. Of course, in the comics , battles are a slower experience (they go at the readers pace) so I think the producers of this film have done the best they can ( as with Transformers).

    Get it, enjoy it.

    The Thor , Captain America and Avengers movies are yet to come. Frankly , in the last 10-12 years, I can't think of many really bad Marvel comic adaptions , possibly elements of Spiderman 3 and of course, the first Hulk film ( but the Hulk reboot was great ). I love this stuff, and if you are a comic fan or an action movie fan, you should too !

  4.  Highly Competent adaption


    I saw the watchmen movie on release day and was very pleased with it.

    As many a comic fanboy would no doubt feel,( yes i was a comic fanboy in the 80-90s) when watchmen was released as a monthly 12 issue comic it was a genuine comic event ( especially when you can boast to having first prints of all 12 issues) and then add getting the first release of the leatherbound hardback version signed by alan moore himself from the gosh! Comics event way back when and you are in fanboy heaven.

    So yeah, i like many a watchmen fan, felt a sort of "ownership" over this story. This film makes a great deal of effort being true to the graphic and manages to do so amazingly in almost every possible aspect. 10/10 For effort , for the acting, for the actors,for the set design, for the costumes and for the quality production........9.5/10 for messing around with a bit near the end just a little bit ( it really is a little bit too , if you haven't read the graphic you won't know). And who knows, maybe in this more cynical time, it was a good choice.

    Along with 300, this is the best , truest comic adaption ever.

    If only the rest of the movie industry would understand when making a film of a book or a comic...the story is already there...don't screw with it.

    Well done to all involved with the watchmen movie.what more can i say ?

    I paid to see the film and i will now buy it on bluray.

    It cannot get a higher accolade than that!

  5.  Death Magnetic- Great Stuff


    Put simply this is a serious metal album, sometimes reminscent of Metallica's older material, but personally for me, not as much of a landmark album as St Anger was ( which I understand was quite un-popular anyways ! ), but still a great album. Oddly , especially with track 9, for some reason they remind me of the heavier side of the Wildhearts. This is obviously where Metallica have not gone as heavy as they should have or , perhaps, maybe the album should have been produced differently. It's not a bad thing, it's just an observation. With the exception of a couple of slow tracks this is out and out metal, sometimes leaning towards heavy rock. The guys have come through again.

  6.  A funeral like dirge much of the time


    Oh dear. With the exception of 3-4 songs, this album is very dull ( in my opinion). Being a life long JP fan I was hoping for a screaming metal opus, instead, I find sad, melancholy dullness, topped with un-impressive singing and lyrics. ( Good production however ). Rob and Co are so much better than this. Yes, if they wanted to spread their wings and do a concept album, fine , do it, but release a decent rock 'n roll album as well, and release this crud under a different band name. This reminds me of all the worst excesses of a band that has become " spinal tap" like in it's approach to it's music, taking themselves far too seriously and releasing a double CD of mostly dull, un-inspired inanity. This NOT British Steel/Screaming for Vengeance/Turbo/Painkiller quality. This is pointless ego massage with the band clambering up their own backsides. Who on earth thought this would be a good concept? These guys are not Pink Floyd or Rick Wakeman, and they should therefore leave the concept album genre alone. My order has been cancelled since I heard a friends copy of this album, and I assume this is their "opus magnum", the Swan Song of the now ageing Judas Priest. What a sad way to exit the music scene. On a plus side, their entire Screaming for Vengeance album has been released to download for the Rock Band game on Xbox. Now thats fun. Of course, I wonder why no tracks from the tragic Nostradamus album have not ( at time of writing) made their way to that rather wonderful video game. Could it be because, for the most part, the Nostradamus album is a pile of self indulgent, spinal tap-esque trash?

  7.  EXCELLENT game, Ignore the naysayers- They're too impatient.


    I see a LARGE amount of negative reviews popping up about this game, and all I can say is that the people playing this game who have given it bad reviews are simply not , in my opinion, " into " their RPGs.

    This game has some similarities to Oblivion ( massive size, open world) but at the end of the day if you like RPGs that require some serious hard work ( Think Might and magic series 6 -9, or Gothic 3, all of which i thoroughly enjoyed) then this game may well be up your street.

    It requires a lot of time and effort to play and get the best out of, but frankly considering the size of this game, and the detailed graphics, I am amazed how well it runs on 360. I have now completed the game twice ( on PC ) and am going through it a third time of the 360. I would advise NOT playing it on easy , go straight to medium.

    The story is and ok RPG tale, your sister gets kidnapped, you have to find who, why and what you need to do to get her back. There are 100s of side quests, and two clans you can join ( joining and committing to one clan means the destruction of the other)

    The end game gives you an option of 3 different ways to complete the game, and I would say to get to the end of the game takes around 30-50 hours.

    Saving and loading is very fast on 360 and the game runs very well.

    To briefly answer some of the very unfair criticisms levelled as this game by the other reviewers on this site:-

    Graphics- Push the 360 to its limit and do very well. Every now and then a zone needs to load in , and you get a frozen screen for anywhere between 2-3 seconds. Hardly game breaking.

    Combat:- Starts out with simple hacking and backstepping, new skills learned later add Fire, water, earth , air and Necromanitc magic. Advanced stealth, backstabbing, pick pocketing, multiple firing of arrows, improved combat from horse back and faster swimming. There are lots of other skills to learn too....

    Horse/mount riding:- Not as free form as Oblivion, essentially the mounts cannot climb over certain surfaces ( steep sided hills , walls etc ), so they auto track to find a way round the objects, and this is where people don't take the time to understand how the mounts work, get annoyed at them, and slate the game. Simply stop the mount, turn round and continue in a different direction. Simple.

    Quests:- Some are simple kill quests, many are tied in to each other and when you complete one part, it connects over to another quest. Lots of XP and cash for these ones.

    Essentially, you need patience with this game, and a good sense of humour as some of the voice acting is pretty poor quality ( often made me smile) but it all makes up for a new gaming universe/experience.

    One thing I would say, don't bother paying for the special edition, as the extras are total rubbish, just buy the standard version, as all you need is the game. The Spec edition comes with some artwork, a few tracks from the game and a very poor small hardback book which tries to set itself up as a desktop version of the game, why not print a nice artbook instead ?

    The online side of this game requires a VERY fast internet connection, but allows you to play missions with upto 8 other players. However, your online character is for online only, your offline character for offline only.

    When this game first launched ( march this year) it was on PC and was version 1.0. I wrote a review that pointed out many issues that the game THEN had. The Xbox 360 version ( and PC version) is now patched upto version 1.5 and now plays like a totally different game. Excellent quality patches and a company that listens to its user base and improved and fixed the game based on the feedback it got from players. Great Game. FULL STOP.