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  1.  Stunning


    One of the greatest bits of television ever made. Like watching 10 films in 1. The acting is superbly cast and the lifes of the soldiers and the turmoil they went through has brillantly been brought to life. Each episode is gripping and i could easily watch them back to back. Action sequences are brillant and so well thought out that you feel part of the programme. Blu ray price is so cheap that your be silly not to buy.

  2.  Great family fun


    This film really surprised me. Bit more dark humoured then most disney films but the special effects really help bring the film together. Fantastic on blu-ray and a joy to watch

  3.  awful


    I was really disappointed with this, i think with a bit more thought, this film could have been great. Bad casting with the main character and having that guy from the 70's show really didn't do it for me. Really let down the predator franchise. Better luck next time

  4.  Delivers the undeliverable


    No storyline and the action is so unbelievable. This is excactly what the A-Team is all about. This film is fantastic, the acting is great, the dialogue corny but you just watch all the action and get blown away. I do hope a sequal is in the pipeline.

  5.  great for adults and kids


    This film is superb. The animation is fantastic, the voice overs and storyline are great too. The minions make this film and you should watch the 3 short movies whick form part of the special features. I watched with my son and he insists on watching this over and over again and it doesn't lose its charm. A Great film

  6.  Thank you Sly


    The acting in this is woeful, the lines delivered are so corny but this is such a great film. So much gore and so much action, i hope they make a sequal.

  7.  Had me in tears


    I loved the hangover and i loved this film. Had me in tears of laughter . The 2 actors bounce of each other and really make the film enjoyable. The two and a half men special feature is a must watch.

  8.  Greatest Trilogy Ever


    I love these films, they really are true to the book. I could watch these films over and over again. Hard to believe that they are almost 10 years old. Conversion to Blu-Ray is fantastic. Special feature are in standard definition though which isn't a problem. Great price and shouldn't be missed

  9.  the best of the best


    Along with Black Hawk Down this is one of the greatest war films ever. The opening scenes were amazing and this film just gets better everytime i watch it. A timeless classic. Great conversion to blu-ray as the sound really captures the action sequences in the film. Awesome

  10.  First great, second not so


    The first Iron Man was awesome, the second one not as great. Visual effects in both films are amazing and the acting is equally as good with Robery Downey Jr being born to play the part. My gripe with the 2nd film is that it is was more worried on trying to setup up future marvel movies. Both films are great on blu-ray.