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  1.  Fifa v PES no contest


    I got this because of hearing all the plaudits and critical acclaim. Liked it for about 20 mins then realise3d how repetitive one dimensional and yawn boring it is. this is pretty much an arcade game with real licences and I have to say great commentary..but ultimately its BORING and has no soul. PES is always different always exciting and live and breathes the beautiful game

    Let me tell you despite what some on here might say the only real aspect this has over Pes are the sharper graphics the licenses and the commentary, oh and the gimmicky 11 players per side online P

    In all other regards PES eats this for breakfast. Im speaking of its playability player Ai realism, Ball physics Ive uninstalled it after about a week all I can say is try again EA because Konami is still the King.

  2.  WARNING READ THIS FIRST! Ubi lets its fans down


    Oh dear me this game is a complete joke notb

    It seems to me this game was released unfinished, many areas not functioning correctly or just not functioning!

    It requires something like 3 patches just to be able to make it remotely playable. Yes its beautiful to look at and the mobile access pov is also really good but that's about it Half the instruments dont work. crashing is so regular it will proberbly take you as long to complete a mission as it did in real life

    The fantastic modders teams have rescued the game somewhat fixing bthings that ubi just couldnt care less about, but its still far inferior to its predecessors with its simpler more arcadey style game play more bugs than cia insergents crashing more times than a blind stuntdriver

    and the piece de-resistence UBI HAVE dropped plans for any future improvements to the game after the latest 1.3 patch

    My advice LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF ITS FAR MORE TROUBLE THAN IT'S WORTH trust me you will regret it if you don't

    Go for sh3 or 4 instead they are far superior after the patches

  3.  No Patch


    This is a very interesting slant on adventure gaming which requires patience thinking and exploration and is not for everybody as the graphics are midiocre at best and the game is slow paced but rewarding when you solve the puzzles

    Unfortunately though the game has some very bad bugs which at least for the English version seems impossible to find a patch for although I believe that a patch has been released

  4.  Probaberly the greatest stealth em up franchise to date


    I had/have all three of these games and they are superb especially the first 2. mainly because of the brilliant sword fighting feature This game is just a joy to play the storyline puzzles AI are all great.
    And the jewel in thiefs crown has to be the immersive exciting atmosphere where the game really comes into its own.


    In fact the only reason im really doing this reveiw is because neither thief 1 or 2 will work with my current os system which is windows xp x64 and I wanted to know if this new bundled version does? As I would buy it all over again

    The game is not short either lol!! and on the harder levels will challenge even the most hardened players

    Thief will give you months of exciting stealth based fun tbh this is unmissable if you never experienced it first time round