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  1.  Best Resident Evil yet...


    I'm loving this game. Resident Evil 6 is still a brilliant survival horror but thankfully the series has moved on from tedious puzzle solving and static environments to become a much more dynamic and exciting horror adventure. Graphics and sound are top notch. The new controls with added melee and dodge moves are excellent and a fine improvement over RE5. The ability to move and shoot together is subtle but it really intensifies the action in a style similar to Dead Space. The zombies in RE6 are the best yet seen in a game and there are alot more of them! They duck, they swerve, they stumble, they suddenly come at you. All this makes the action incredibly tense and their are scenes where it's like living through the Dawn of the Dead movie. On veteran difficulty the ammo is scarce and I've been breaking a sweat from barely escaping the clutches of a horde. There are also some nice suspense and dread sequences that still evoke the classic spookiness of early RE. Capcom have wisely updated the formula to create an epic that's packed with content. Ignore the fanatical nerds who hate anything outside their narrow band of tolerance and can't think for themselves. This game is a must for fans of zombies, horror, action and videogames in general.

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     Stunning film...


    With a striking visual style and outstanding performances from a triple A cast this is totally unforgettable and quite unlike anything you've ever seen before. Perhaps Oliver Stone's most provocative and challenging film. An essential movie experience and one of my all time favourites.

  3.  Superb game with great graphics...


    The game runs flawlessly on my AMD Radeon 6900. Perfect controls and stunning level design make RAGE a true pleasure to play. So much more fun than over hyped titles like Battlefield 3. Buggy racing and some light RPG elements are a nice addition but above all this is a focused action game. If you're into IDs legacy you're gonna love it.

  4.  An excellent action game!


    This is another very fun action game from id software that is much larger in scope than any of their previous titles. It's been unfairly critisised for not having deeper gameplay elements but the pre launch hype and marketing was misleading with claims of similarity to Fallout 3. Rage is a fairly straight forward action game with some cool side quests and mini games: a purists FPS. The graphics, sound, overall atmosphere and mood are simply superb.

    Despite what people are saying in some of the reviews here, Rage is not a buggy game. The texture 'pop in' issues were the fault of AMD who did have compatible video drivers ready for the Radeon cards when it launched. That problem is long gone and the game is silky smooth if you have a mid range card with the latest drivers (1 gb video RAM ideally).

    This is an XBox game first and foremost and there are no graphics options or enhancements for PC gamers with good hardware. A pity I agree so if you have an XBox give that version a try first.

  5.  More than just amazing imagery..


    A superb transfer to Bluray and a superbly crafted film. Both entertaining and moving. Highly recommended.