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  1.  Doesn't last


    Yeah... the headset is comfortable and the sound quality is brilliant for the price. But the magic only lasts for about a month. You'll find Its the same with most third party accessories. Remember cheaper is not necessarily better. My advice to you is to go with turtle Beach Headsets which range from 20-80 pounds. They cost a fair bit more but they last years. Don't be foolishly persuaded by a low price tag

  2.  Brothers...


    Absolutely amazing film. great acting, great scenarios and locations. The plot is very easy to follow and simple to understand. I'd also like to point out the tremendous quality of the kids acting in this title. Every step of the way is a gripping and emotional rollercoaster ride and you'll want to tell your friends and even maybe your dog about it. Brilliant film. Deserves all 5 stars it gets.

  3.  Short and very sweet campaign with very capable multiplayer


    Firstly i'd like to correct people that said that the graphics on this game are very poor. This directed at the person who said the graphics are worse than the first medal of honor.

    You won't be dissapointed by the graphics but they could arguably be better. I strongly disagree that they are worse than ps2 graphics. The attention to detail on weapons, vehicles and gadgets is exeptional. Multiplayer game modes are brilliant. I love the capture and hold aspect.

    There are many challenges that need to be completed online and a fair amount of weapons to unlock. Yes i will say that the single player campaign is very and i mean very short but you still get the same thrill. Besides i dont mind because where this game shines is on the multiplayer. Maps are big but not too big. weapons are powerful but not too powerful. So there is a sense of balance between players and the advantages they might have. Just buy this. If not for the single player but the multiplayer. It's excellent.

    Now for the small bad point and the reason i deducted a star from my rating.

    No game is perfect (Halo, Call Of Duty etc...). The dissapointment is that the multiplayer servers are very temperamental at the moment. Losing connection to the match or not being able to connect at all (It took me at least 10 attempts to connect to a game server yesterday). The reason for this is that the servers are currently taking on more than they can handle. But this is being fixed and servers will be spotless in no time.

    I haven't covered everything in this review. Just take a look at some of the reviews posted on the internet. If you're unsure just rent the game. What harm can that do.

    Now to sum up the game in a few words: 'read the title'