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  1.  Not bad but no COD4


    I've had this game since launch.

    firstly singleplayer:
    I found the singleplayer to be completely ridiculous and although it was 'high octane' it was just too detached and silly really, but still somewhat entertaining and worthy of one or two playthroughs.

    started out terrible but recently has actually become pretty fun to play online, I think its better than MW2 online but nowhere near Call of Duty 4 (I dont think any COD game will be so good again).

    It has a good selection of guns and an entertaining amount of new features like new kill streaks and weapon attachments and equiptment.

    Map packs are over priced.

    Zombies is good but not as good as WaW.

    As with most Call of Duty games this games has great replayability and I have squeezed many hours from it since I bought it.

    So overall this is not a bad game, but neither is it perfect and I just feel the campaign was too detached and the multiplayer too overcomplicated compared to the down to earth style of 'modern warfare' seen in COD4 which as you can tell i absolutely loved.

  2.  Great


    I havent played a FPS this good since COD4.

    Outstanding visuals, great gameplay and controls. Alcatraz is awesome the suit really makes you feel powerful.

    Online is fun and refreshingly different, yet familiar.

    A really good game.

  3.  pretty good


    This is a really good game.

    The new pokemon are really cool, the region is new and excting and feels like an adventure.

    The game still has the familiar Pokemon charm.

    For some reason when I bought this game I thought there would be all pokemon on here (all 700 or however many there are). But there isnt, theres only the few hundred new ones which are all good pokemon, I just wish they had all the pokemon in the game.

    The story is also quite serious and in depth for a pokemon game considering all I want to do is capture, train, evolve pokemon and beat everyone else.

    But despite these small points the game is great and receives a healthy 4 stars.

  4.  Top tier hip hop


    A really good album, my favourite Kanye album so far.

  5.  Its ok, not really what I wanted


    Its a really fun game especially online.

    However there is no customisation (which is half the fun of need for speed in my opinion) and no free roam.

    In this sense then, its extremely limited and theres no personalisation.

    but its ok.