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  1.  Just WOW


    I'm not exadurating but I am picky about my headphones... Turtle beaches have got to start making headphones for casual use. These are monstourously good. I love thebass contol settings as they can be changed according to your playstyle. It offers very crisp highs and a deep, rich bass that i'm astounded by. If you are a gamer, dont even think about getting these. Buy it. I have been using these to play music through my pc and its absolutely brilliant. the x12s really deliver in sound quality. Finally the robust feel and build means here probably going to last you a while. astounding!

  2.  Overall excellent


    I have had the x11s for two years now and they still do wonders. The sounds are extremely diverse and separate. For example in games like COD and halo you can hear things like switching weapons and footsteps etc. However in cases that involve the mic the high sensitivity mean that when you are online with friends they can hear all that goes on in your house. This also means that you have to keep the volume low as they have a lot of sound leakage.. These are only small problems in comparison to the quality of the sound and the user friendly interfaces

  3.  It's an exellent game. but with rankaholics


    I usually play cod 4. even when black ops came out i was on cod 4 but with mw2 it's just better to put it simply. I love the killstreaks and new emblems etc and the campaign is exellent. But it's not the game that makes it a four star it's the people. they become so obseesed with getting to 6 billionth prestige in multiplayer it becomes an occupation rather than a hobbie which is a shame. i play the game to have fun and enjoy leveling up rather than rage quitting when my KD is below zero. the game is quality and is an exellent addition to all things fps. even if alot of the people who play it are sad geeks who want to get to tenth prestige as quickly as possible by camping like noobs and getting a nuke ruining the game for everyone... nice job nuke!