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  1.  Good POPCORN Flick In 3D!


    Having recently purchased a 3D Tv, I stumbled upon the 3D Trailer for this movie. The Trailer looked good and so did the 3D. So without any prior knowledge of the Green Hornet, other than Bruce Lee was the original Kato, I bought the film.
    All I can say is that I really enjoyed it, The Characters are good especially the chemistry between Seth & Kato, its got action, comedy, Cars! I paused the garage scene just to spot and name all the cars. Edward James Olmos from battlestar galactica is in the movie much to my surprise.

    When they first become heroes and are both sitting in the car scared!
    I just thought what would we do in that position?

    Good film!

  2.  A cute movie!,


    Having recently bought a 3DTV, And this being one of few 3D titles, I bought this bluray. I have to admit the movie itself is very good it even made me go awwwwwwwwwwww every so often. Steve Carell, as usual, is very good. The Movie in 3D is a bonus, with very good picture quality and depth. Recommended!! now to steal the moon ! haha

  3.  nothing more than a screen saver.


    As i said earlier!, I thought it may be a proper 3D wild life programme. Its not. The 3D isnt all that either. Dont buy!
    will be giving this away.

  4.  The Gorn Blinks!


    Awesome quality, for something over 40 years old its such a good picture, the digital sound track is good. they have cleverly added nice little touches to certain episodes i.e "Arena" where the gorn blinks and the enterprise looks very nice. you even get to see the ion pod,

    its still true to the 60;s just looks alot nicer
    i agree with the previous poster i will never watch my old star trek original series dvd;s again... HDDVD all the way

  5.  One Shall Stand One Shall Fall - IN HD!


    AWESOME! Optimus Prime in FULL 1080p HD, Great Soundtrack, Great Action plus Megan FOX!!

    Good Online Extras for it too, create an account and download new content.

  6.  Impressive


    Already have a blu-ray player but as so many film companies have sided with HD-DVD namely paramount pictures (bourne ultimatum, Transformers etc..)I decided to get this player.

    Very easy to setup it did have a problem with image retention leaving a ghost of the previous image or text on my sony lcd screen. connected it to my LAN and performed a firmware update and fixed! took a while to download and flash the player (35mins to be exact) was tempted to turn it off LOL and yes if i did that i would of killed it so. i have no patience :)

    however an hour or so later i watched 300 for the first time
    good movie! great picture great player
    not only that 7 free titles ? this thing pratically sells itself
    im waiting for my Transformers HDDVD to be delivered !!