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  1.  OH DEAR!


    Dire. This has some of the worst acting ever, truly embarrassing stuff as a cast of 80s throwbacks chew their way through a hammy blend of shoddy script and poor production values. The f/x border on laughable, along with the 'acting' (which belongs in an 80's soft porn movie) this is a terrible production and a waste of anybody's time. I lasted about an hour and that's 59 minutes more than it deserved.



    This live version of King of Limbs is recorded in intimate surroundings and for me, is better than the album. Seeing and hearing it being played live is consuming... you really get drawn into the thing. An epic must have DVD.

  3.  As good as the first!


    It took a couple of listens but there are some stand out classics here including Bedouin Dress, Sim Sala Bim, Lorelai and Grown Ocean. It manages to be both similar and different to the first album, with trademark harmonies and acoustic guitars blending with changing chord progressions and experimentation with new instruments, especially on The Shrine'An Argument. Well worth a listen!

  4.  Short but sweet!


    More in the mould of Kid A and Amnesiac than OK Computer and The Bends but there are some quality tracks on here. They are all 'growers' for the most part and it's a shame there's no signature crunching guitar riffs as Greenwood excels when he puts them in! But this is new stuff, organic beats and echoing laments, vocal experiments for the headphones... and this album works best on the headphones. It's a personal album. Morning Mr Magpie and Lotus Flower are foot tappers, Codex and Give Up The Ghost are deep melancholy numbers and it's all topped off with Separator, which is a classic track. The album could have been a bit longer, but if you like the internal world of Kid A, you'll like this too

  5.  Jet Li's best!


    Simply put, this is Jet Li's best film. The fight scenes are amazing, some of the best martial arts put on screen! The story is better than most martial arts stories and the acting is quite good too. I'm a big fan of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat etc and this is up there with the best of any of them. A must see!