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  1.  Stupid Controls


    I enjoy Lego games, and the character list and levels in this game are good, but the controls are so badly put together, especially when flying, playing the game became far too frustrating.

  2. Starhawk



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     A bit rubbish


    On paper, this looks like a game with a lot of potential. But it's actually a bit tedious. The single player has a plot that is incomprehensible and seems like it was cobbled together by a 10-year old. You finish the game pretty quicky and wonder why you bothered. Popular opinion has it that the online multiplayer is where the fun lies, but after a few hours of trying this, I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Lots of things wrong with it but, in particular, there are frequent situations where the opposing team can break into your base and just pick you off everytime you respawn. After the 5th time in a row you've been dropped in and get blown apart by a tank within seconds, it gets a bit boring. I didn't get many hours of play out of it before trading it.

  3.  Excellent


    I've been a Zelda fan since the Ocarina of Time on the N64, which has always been my favourite game. Although no game since then has come close to the experience of playing that game, this one probably comes closest yet.

    First off, the motionplus is an improvement on the old Wii controller, but actually it isn't as perfectly accurate as everyone is saying. It's better, but not absolutely spot on. There have been a few occasions where I've been frantically waving the remote around trying to get the sword or insect net moving, but it doesn't work with the precision I was expecting. Plus you have to recentre it constantly, because it gets lodged in the wrong direction, which is a little frustrating.

    Gameplay is excellent. Bit of a slow start, but after the initial instructional sections, you're flying your loftwing, catching bugs, killing enemies and solving puzzles, having loads of fun doing it. It's the same Zelda formula, but it looks amazing and has been given a comprehensive upgrade in almost all areas.

    Really, really good fun. Could (and have) play it for hours.

  4.  Great game, with some flaws


    The majority of the game is great. The atmosphere, environments you explore, the levelling up (augmentation) system and the way that you can choose the style in which you play the game are all excellent. A lot of people have said, and I agree, that the boss battles are frustrating, because the game mostly encourages you to augment your character to be stealthy, then you are suddenly thrown into a situation where you feel you should have built a character who is more geared towards full-on assault (I was caught out trying to take down a guy with a gattling gun for an arm with a silenced 10mm pistol - not very effective). Voice acting and graphics are a bit patchy and the easy final boss and abrupt ending did leave me thinking a few tweaks would have made the game infinitely better. Having said that, the majority of the game is excellent, the stealth side of things is great fun and I would definitely recommend the game to anyone.

  5.  Really, really excellent


    Love it. Better than the first game, bigger enemies, characters have more personality, powers are more varied and there are some very cool ones. Only thing that surprised me was that it's actually not very difficult. There are no really tough challenges in the game, especially not the main bad guys. That said, the whole experience is enjoyable, I never lost interest. Finished it taking all the good choices tonight. Now just need to find 2 pigeons (somehow) and play it again taking all the evil choices. Oh, and I had the same problem with the power codes. They were meant to be emailed, but I never got them. I emailed Play and they sent them within a couple of hours.

  6.  Read the book


    This film was based on Alan Moore's incredible graphic novel of the same name. Unsuprisingly, Hollywood having got hold of it, the style, masses of important content and many of the characters have been changed to make it more consumer-friendly and it suffers in comparison. Really, the book goes into much more depth and is so much better, whereas this film feels a bit like a cynical money-spinning rip off.

  7.  Brilliant, with flaws


    I have to admit, I wasn't expecting what this game turned out to be. It's very different to the original Goldeneye in terms of the layout of levels and the types of weapons you get, but after a while you realise that the style of play is not too dissimilar. One thing that I love about the game is that the stealth aspect is really well done. You can either approach a level in an all-guns-blazing fashion, or see how far you can get by sneaking around, taking bad guys out with your silenced PP7 (although headshots are a bit temperamental - a very fine line between a satisfying one-hit wonder and having to follow your first shot up with 3 or 4 more before he raises the alarm) or a stealthy melee attack.

    The single player is good fun - I have finished it on Operative level and there is nothing too challenging about it. I'm about to start the next level up, which I hope will be a bit harder.

    The online multiplayer is really the highlight - all-new levels to blast your way around, either in your own or as a team. As mentioned in another post below, the game throws you into a game with people who could be 30 levels higher than you, so it can be a little frustrating at first, when the seasoned players are taking you out every 10 seconds. AND it takes ages to earn any decent weapons in the levelling up process, which doesn't help the novice multiplayer.

    In summary: great single player, great multiplayer - best shooter on the Wii - although both take a little while to get into. Definitely worth getting.

  8.  Over rated


    The story is good, although it only really gets going in the last couple of missions. The missions are very linear - literally A to B, killing whatever gets in your way in between, and you always have other characters guiding you to where you have to go. Generally, single player pretty good, but definitely not worthy of all the praise it's received.

    Multiplayer is better, although lots of people, including me, have suffered from slow connection speeds and connection cutting out altogether in the middle of a battle. There may be a patch on the way to fix this but, given the size of the release and the lessons that should have been learnt from MW2, this is pretty disappointing.

    Overall, this game is overrated, in my view.

  9.  I agree


    Absolutely great book. The story from the first 2 books really picks up when all-out war kicks off and the series reaches its conclusion.

    The story twists and turns, the characters are still amazingly written and fascinating studies of humanity (or otherwise), and the mayor is still one of the most sinister and unpredictable characters I have come across.

  10.  Brillant


    I was reluctant to read Neil Gaiman novels, after having read the first 6 or 7 Sandman grpahic novels and finding them a bit patchy - there were some great moments, but lots of it didn't really work for me. However, after all the hype of Coraline, I gave that a go and loved it, then decided to give some of his other stuff a go. I probably should have read American Gods first, from the sounds of it, but I absolutely loved this book. It has some pretty dark moments, but it's mostly pretty lighthearted and it's one of those books you can't put down. Imaginative story, funny and likeable characters and some really sinister forces. Loved it.