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  1.  Answer the Call of Duty


    Well what can I say, another Call of Duty is born! I must admit before I purchased it I was very skeptical. All my BF3 mates will be cursing me lol, but I don't care. This game is very good and playing the latest installment just reminded me how good the series is.

    The storyline is very good. It's set along two different timelines, the first being 1986-89 and the second in the future in the year 2025. The two time lines are interlinked by a complex story of how the Cold War has brought about a lot of change in relatively unknown countries at the time. It leaves behind events of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War (all real events) and focuses upon the fictional plot. It also cleverly incorporates real time events like the invasion of Panama to coincide with the story.
    Alex Mason's (from the original) son leads the SEAL team of the future (the second game). The story of how things got to where they are is narrated by David Mason's fathers friend and fellow soldier SGT Frank Woods. Treyarch have really diversified with their stories and its so refreshing to step away from traditional conflicts of nations such as the Americans V the Germans / Russians etc.

    Game play itself is very good. As well as standard campaign missions you have the option of playing 5 spec ops mission that run in conjunction to the story. In this missions you can control units of both men and mechanized fighting equipment. Most of all the best thing about the storyline is the decision making which is a COD first. You can make different choices which will affect the overall outcome during and at the end of the game.

    Finally the multi player is very good indeed. Level 55 to prestige instead of level 80, the ability to fully customize your own player card instead of simply choosing one and new entertaining game types to name but a few good positives. But important of them all (in my eyes) is all new zombie mode. You can play survival which is exactly that or you can play Tranzit Mode which allows you to ride around in a make shift bus and take on the undead hordes across various locations on the map!! Really fun and will keep you amused for ages. A worth while buy for sure this Christmas.

  2.  Not sure if it diserves a Medal


    When I first heard the announcement that a sequel to MoH was to be released I was very excited. I eagerly anticipated what it would be like ,with "baited breath" !! I prayed it would have a much longer campaign, better graphics and a much neater multi-player layout.

    Well obviously no one was listening to me that day !!. Ill start with the campaign. It's fairly ok - bigger than its predecessor but that's not saying much at all. It could have been a third larger, that I feel would be suitable in size.

    The storyline doesn't in my opinion feel like a continuation, which is a little disappointing. It doesn't fully explain what the characters are now doing, and as for the interlude regarding one of the Tier 1 teams marital problems I don't care!! The cut scenes between levels seem to tell a different story to the levels you play half the time. When you start a level it says things like "1 day ago or 2 weeks ago" Just act out the story in real time chronologically. Its much easier.

    As for the graphics they're fairly good but there is room for improvement. I had noticed quite a few glitches in both campaign and mutli-player platforms. These are just "school boy errors" and should not be occurring.

    The game play is good but at times does become a little monotonous and repetitive. A classic example of this would be the "door breach options" shotgun, semtex or your foot etc. We get the point and after you have busted your third door, usually its like "bla bla whatever".

    Finally the multi-player game play is ok but the whole layout of the multi-player lobby / interface is so overly complicated it almost puts you off before you've even started.

    In conclusion this game is quite simply average. Its a shame to say that for a big name in the gaming industry its not quite as big on popularity or quality, as I would expect from accomplished and well established developers. Hopefully if there is a 3rd game in the series then, Three times the charm I'm sure.

  3. Halo 4

    Halo 4

    Xbox 360

    18 New from  £12.15  Free delivery

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     Halo 4 Me


    Finally another Halo has been delivered to our beloved 360s. At long last Master Chief and everybody's favorite A.I are reunited in their efforts to save humanity from whoever and whatever is threatening it. I can tell you its been worth the wait indeed. The quality of the graphics are staggering, a real feast for the eye. The game play is of course as good as ever.

    The story line this time focuses more on the origins of Halo. It takes the Chief on a magical mystery tour "for want of a better phrase" across the galaxy and into the path of that ancient race of advanced civilization, the Forerunners. I feel that this story is a little more serious as opposed to previous Halos, and I think targets a more mature audience especially the Diehard Haloists such as myself.

    I really feel that 343 has done this game justice. It really frustrates me to hear people moaning on about how this isn't right and that doesn't work etc. Of course people are entitled to their own opinions, but if you are going to criticize then do so constructively. Don't go on a belligerent and pedantic rant with no supporting evidence or fact ! More than likely no one would have ever have known if another games developer had taken over the reigns, if Bungie had not made the announcement. Regarding the story, people complain that they don't understand it and things do not make sense. We must realize people that this storyline is a new 3 part saga. Of course there are gaps and unanswered questions, so there is room for material later where things will become clearer.

    The multi-player is very entertaining and highly addictive. Also the Spartan ops side missions are a nice touch that keeps the game fresh. Overall I am very impressed and look forward to the continuing saga of the Master Chief.

  4.  Honored with Dishonored


    This is a very enjoyable game indeed. You play the part of a royal protector to the empress of your realm. Events take an unfortunate turn and you end up accused of all sorts of unspeakable crimes. Destined for the "chop", you have to prove that your really a good guy and not the monster that you have been made to look. The game itself is set in an alternate reality that combines the social trends and architecture of Victorian England, with that of more modern and even futuristic designs. It sounds odd but believe me it works.

    The game is a fps in nature, however it is not a conventional shooter. It is all about stealth and decision making. As the story unfolds you go from your "base point" and explore different parts of your homeland. You can choose to stick to the set story or you can meet up with different characters, do little side missions and ultimately learn more about the story. Its rather like Deus Ex in structure but set about 200yrs in the past.

    You can kill or simply incapacitate, help or hinder, learn or find out and ultimately complete the game with the mind frame of Batman or John Rambo. That is your choice. Either way you should have a lot of fun. A good buy this Christmas.

  5.  This is proper warfare !!


    This game is an amazing piece of fps genius. Its so much more than its major rival. To start with the campaign is very good and contrary to what some have said, I believe it's big enough. Its certainly diverse in terms of location, characters, and weapons. There's always plenty of action whether it be all out confrontation or stealthy sneak n peak.
    The campaign is just a prelude to the marvellous multi-player any way! The action is on a grand scale 24 people battling it out using all manner of modern day vehicles and weaponry. Huge battle grounds, absolutely excellent physics and motion of game play. Not to mention the graphics, absolutely first class. )H.D upgrade at the beginning a must). The way the cinematics capture light and sound in perfect realism is superb. A real sense of comradeship is delivered when playing this. You will not be disappointed...FACT!

  6.  Modern majesty.


    This game has now been out approximately 2 weeks and I have barely put it down. Its awesome in not so many words. The whole game has been taken to another level of splendid proportion. I have to say that despite all of the controversy regarding the release and even production of this trilogy, the end result has been well worth waiting for. I feel that "Sledgehammer" has really stepped up to mark with this, and that must be respected.

    The storyline is as fast paced as ever and delivered excellently in a wide variety of stunning locations. There is action, adventure and an assault rifle behind every corner. The story is a continuation from the predecessors. It is very controversial at times but it does emphasise the prospect of a real threat of the future. Its all handled very well though.

    The graphics are even better than before, which I thought wouldn't be possible. The lighting and physics of both inanimate and living objects is superb. Each scenario is displayed with eye watering attention to detail. There has been a great comparison made between this and another game of similar background. I say please stop these comparisons they are not the "SAME OLD GAME" by any means. They are both different, very good and very entertaining in their own rights with very different pros-and-cons.

    Finally the multi-player is superb. There are very many aspects of this which are very entertaining and a good amount of unlocking enables a person to customise the game to their style. Play it, enjoy it and remember it.

  7.  A Zombie paradise


    This game is interesting and a little difficult to describe. Its certainly one of the better zombie titles out there,and thats really all I have to say about the positives. The graphics are good and the whole feel of the game is definately there, but it lacks a certain "star quality" for want of a better word.

    Yes there is a certain satisfaction in killing the "un-dead". There are quirky and fun methods of achieving this through various means, yet its highly repetitive. This title is not exactly a "mind-stretcher" is it.

    In conclusion its ok for an hour or two but I would not entertain a long term relationship with this game.

  8. Rage


    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     Out - RAGE - ously good.


    Well What can I say. Anyone who knows anything about the history behind the producer of this latest feature, will realise that they dont make bad games whatsoever. Rage is very good indeed. Set in a post-apocolyptic world which is not a million miles from "Mad Max beyond Thunderdome" meets "Fallout". The story features the main protagonist as a survivor, who is "subjected" should we say to a very different world to what he remebers.

    Its a dust-bowl in not so many words, filled with a diverse populous of surviving scavengers. Factions and gangs rule and territory is bitterly fought over in this open world shooter. The graphics are eye-watering, especially the landscapes.

    The story is compelling but I think the game play is the overall winner here. Its intense at times with multiple events happening at once,and enemies appearing en-masse. This is only possible due the improved engine that really makes a difference. The enemies are cunning and vicious. The battles that you will encounter are very satisfying. There is a fairly diverse arsenal at your disposal which allows you to customise your attack preferences. The driving is very entertaining too. Its a little different but works well and all adds to the flavour of this very worthy shooter.

  9.  A superb feature


    All I can say regarding this film is that out of all the classic martial arts films (the proper ones) this is really well transferred and looks almost like a new feature.

  10.  Battlefield brilliance


    I have been playing this game fairly recently and its absolutely first class. Huge fan of its predecessor, the comical wit and charm gives an excellent feel and in number 2 it continues but with a slightly serious edge. Very good graphics and very realistic sounds and game play. More of the second game which is always a bonus and last but not least no 3 looks out of this world ! cant wait.