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  1.  beautiful and inspiring


    We have been lucky enough to see the exhibition in question at the met in New York in its first week. if you can, go see it. this book is the perfext compliment showing all the peices they have there. truely inspiring work from a great fashion house and a great man

  2.  I liked it


    Well I certainly enjoyed it as a middle act to a trilogy / ongoing story. Daniel Craig and the writers, for me are creating the best Bond.

  3.  1 Disc Blu-Ray, 1 Disc Standard DVD???


    I would have given the film 5 stars, however I think its terrible that this is shown as a 2 disc blu ray but in fact its just 1 disc blu ray with the main feature and commentries. and the second disc is standard dvd with all the extras on!!!

    I too love the original comics both for mood and artwork. however I feel like this has lost something by going down the route of a pretty typical action film. But it was beautiful to watch. Hopefully for the 3rd (please do a 3rd), everything will fall into place perfectly.

  4.  Oh yes...


    This is the kind of music my Singstar was bought for. after waiting for any songs to come on to the singstar store... 25 come along all at the same time, and on a dedicated disc of their own.

    Great seeing the videos aswell, and as a bonus some rare tracks/videos that you don't normally get to sing along to.

  5.  Stunning, Dark & Uplifting...


    Its only in the last few years that i have learnt the joys of grace jones career. To be truthful, i wasn't sure what to expect with this new album. But have to say it has fast become one of my faves of the year. At the moment i adore "williams blood" every track has something to give and a story to tell. Corporate reminds me of some of ms jones earlier work and has a strong sense of darkness simular to massive attacks mezzanine cd.

    We have just bought tickets to see the new tour at the birmingham symphony hall and can't wait, the acoustics there are excellent.

  6.  hmmmmmmm


    Certainly not tim burtons best but beautiful to behold and quirky.

    Can everyone stop critisizing it for being a musical? its based on a musical so what do you expect?

    worth a watch, just make sure you don't mind blood and lots of it.

  7.  Beautiful


    this is a beautiful continuation from the first album (which i still play when in the mood) great work from a beautiful, funny multi talented lady.

  8.  Extras???


    picture quality is outstanding on all 3 films...this only loses 1 star due to A/ spiderman 3 being just plain awful & B/ where are the extras on spiderman 1 & 2?

    has to be said though...very good value

  9.  Love the series but...


    Loved each series of the new generation of doctor who episodes. The only reason it does not get 5 stars for perfection is due to the overpricing of the boxsets for 13 episodes a pop. And why is it only ever these boxsets that never seem to be in any sales / offers???

    This is the kind of pricing that encourages illegal downloads. It cannot be justified no matter how good the quality of programme making is.

    sorry to gripe... i do love the Doctor and all who are involved in putting the fine franchise on our screens. plus it the only programme that gets my whole family young and old around the tv at the same time.

    keep up the good work...but drop the prices sometime...you might sell alot more.



    Got this through the post on release and have to say what a great piece of kit. If like my friends and myself you start off with best intentions of singing your heart out...but then reality hits and your stood there whimpering like a puppy. but once everyone relaxes and gets warmed up it is very funny and the inner diva comes out.

    used the online music store already and it has some nice varied choices (only 41 as of writing this) you have to be careful not to get too carried away as it adds up at 99p a video/track (as of writing this)

    Really glad i got this before the festive season as its going to be a blast once the drinks are flowing. shame the eye toy couldn't be released at the same time as was looking forward to get some videos of the offending tone deaf culprits in my circle of family and friends.