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  1.  Ignore the hype


    This film is fine. Its not bad, its fine. While the technology behind it is impressive and the 3D was game changing there are several "downers". First, the plot is simple, predictable and feels like an after thought to the 3D. Secondly, without the 3D its an average film, with some cringe worthy dialogue. And to top it all off, the DVD has NO EXTRAS WHAT SO EVER, something which is unexcusable for a film like this, the reasoning behind the lack of extras being simple. THERE WILL BE ANOTHER REISSUE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.

    Judging this film as it is, without the 3D, minus the big screen and HD surround sound, this film is an average Jim Cameron movie, 30 minutes too long and not well enough written to warrant additional viewings.

  2.  funny than people think.


    This is the best Sandler film since Big Daddy, there are a lot of jokes people won't get simply because they miss them, some are really subtle while others are clever observations/scenarios that some people may not get. I've seen it twice and enjoyed it both times.

  3.  come on you jaded idiots. This is a great film


    People seem to have two complaints about this film neither of which have any real merit. First they say its not the same film as the others, thats because the idie universe has been moved along in time and the characters developed, which is not only brave but great to see things change and not watch same old same old. Second they complain the ending is ridiculous and the central mcguffin is even worse. First of all, how is it ridiculous? Out of all four films this has the most realistic central conceit. What aliens are ridiculous but Pandora's box or the holy grail are perfectly acceptable? Right okay. And second, one of the films was about getting some bloody pebbles back to the natives!!!

    People look back on the indie movies with rose tinted glasses thinking they were brilliantly crafted masterpieces of serious film, they weren't. They were great pulp fiction movies and this is what the crystal skull is, great, pulpy fun!

  4.  awesome


    this movie is great no denying it, but with the upcoming HellBoy 2 release i can't help but think a few months from now we're gonna get a re release of this with the sequel, which would be a good thing. hell even if we could just get the Directors cut dvd set on blu ray that'd be good enough. And with all that extra storage i'm sure we could get the theatrical cut and the directors cut in one set. So yeh, great flick. but maybe wait for a better release.

  5.  great show terrible price


    So this box is the same price as season one, so obviously its got the same number of discs and episodes right?

    Wrong, this season is only 11 episodes (half the usual thanks to the writers strike) so why does it cost as much as 22 episodes? Not very good value. Unless theres something special about this box i think i'm gonna wait. This is a four star show, but a tree star box and price.

  6.  without sounding cliched, people don't seem to get it


    The film is supposed to be bad and cheesy. Its a documentary by the amateur film maker the story follows. The fact that it has a cheesy voice over and dodgy music is part of the charm of the film. I enjoyed this film far more than alot of the other zombie movies that have 'graced' out screens recently.

  7.  great film


    this is a great film and looked amazing on HD DVD so it'll be just as good on Blu Ray.

    Question for play.com though, what extras does this have? Is this the collectors edition that the americans get? (that set comes with extras, the Dark Knight prologue and among other things a batman memory stick. Some info on what this set comes with is necesary before i put my order in.

  8.  great show, irritating format


    So season one is on Blu ray now yet season 2 isn't? Think i'm gonna hold out till it gets the blu ray treatment.

  9.  buy U.S


    This is a great movie, all the cuts of it are. Its just a shame that this only has two cuts of the film. While the US version has FIVE versions, the DVD box set we have here with all the versions is avaliable on Blu Ray in the U.S AND is region free so will play on any Blu Ray player. Buy the american version and marvel in the genius of this film and ALL its various incarnations.

  10.  great film, dreadfull DVD


    I have this already, its a great film but the DVD has nothing but an interview with the cast and crew with a woman interviewer who doesn't seem to have a good grasp of english let alone know anything about the film.

    Buy the American version, or better yet wait for the Blu Ray release thats due out later.