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  1.  Who wants to live forever?


    I remember this film back when i was a kid and was blown away by it. It's a great slice of 80's film making and is such a winner for me. Ok the transfer is a bit grainy and shows up some of the FX's but so what.... i realy don't get why people moan about HD transfers drawing attention to certain FX's in films. Just remember how you felt the 1st time you watched a film.

    Forget about the lame sequals and TV series, this is where it all started. They say "It's a kind of magic" and it sure is.

  2.  What a buy....


    What a great buy, thanks Play for having this at such a bargin price. At a pinch under 24 quid this is just great. People were right about the box when it came....it was HUGE and came the very next day.

    This would have gotten a 5* apart from there was no cover on the plain black case the film came in, but it is ment to hold 4 disc's, so space for the other 3 films. Also the film itself is good but not a patch on the 1st 2.

    Overall a great great buy only let down by a few little over sights.

  3.  Hmmmmmmm


    OK been a fan of LoTR's for ages now and have been looking forward to this release but when i found out what was in the box my heart sank a little. I don't have an issue at all with having each film split over 2 discs, what i do have an issue with is that 6 of the discs i (and so do alot of other people) already have.

    I'm talking about the 6 appendices DVD's (yes DVD's NOT Blu Rays) that are the same 6 from the old DVD Extended Edition box sets! Why are these not on Blu Ray! Can't help but think they left them on DVD to
    A: cheap out on making new discs
    B: bump up the disc count in the box set, coz more is better...right?

    In the Alien Anthology Blu Ray they put the 4 DVD special features from the old DVD set on to 1 Blu Ray which was fine as they were not in HD. So why if they are not going to do anything new with the appendices (like have them in HD) don't they just do the same and not try to make out that theres more here than there actualy is.

    So out of 15 thats only 6 Blu Rays and the other 9 are DVD's, 6 of which most LoTR fans already own.

  4.  A total "must have" box set


    Been a fan of these films for years and i had the Quad box set already but thought i'd up-grade to blu-ray and i'm glad i did. There's so much on this 6 disc set it's hard to know where to start. All 4 films are here with 2 versions of each, just like the old DVD set but now in nice HD plus a little something extra on Alien 3. All the films look fresh in HD though the transfers do show up some of the films flaws, if you can call them flaws (audio and visual) but you need to remember when the films were made and some were done on very modest budgets. Unless you expect Fox to do a "lucas" on the films and ruin them with new special fx shots then i say leave them as they are and try to remember the impact these films made and still make today even with their "flaws"
    As i said there is a nice touch on Alien 3 where they've gone back and ADR'd the work print version of the film and cleaned up the audio on the added shots, something that was not done on the Quad box set.
    Now to the extra's. Ok they are not in HD but with the awsome amount on show here it's easy to see why! You have all the main doc's from the old set on 1 disc now and a whole heap of new stuff on the 2nd bonus disc. I think they've managed to cram just about every "alien" related feature you can think of on here, as well as re-creating the lazer-disc bonus's. I mean they say there's 60 hours of bonus material and i believe them!