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  1.  Socom epic fail


    I've just played the BETA and I'm totally dismayed this is MAG 2 not socom. There's no lobbies so it's hard to join up with your clanmates, it's unresponsive, targeting is poor as you don't have proper crosshairs, the camera angles are all off. You feel removed from the experience and there's none of the old sense of achievement with kills or completing mission. It's only a sudo form of control points on the beta and I'm not sure if there's going to be any old socom style demolitions, breaches or escort, the classic socom mode is certainlt nothing like the socom 2, combined assault or confrontation.
    Check out the beta yourself, you don't have to take my word for it. I cancelled my order along with my mates. We're gutted..

  2.  Latest review, post upgrades


    For me this is the best game online right now. I voted 5 but I'd like it to be 4.5 as they Slant 6 still need to sort the friend invites out. as the refresh on the table is very frustrating. /apart from that they've sorted out all the early issues with this game, yes it play slower than the old socoms' yes itwe've lost some old ocom functionality and the grenade arches aren't great but apart from that this game is so emersive and really lets you play tactically as a team and allows stealth which games like COD just don't allow for in their frontline play. this is Special Ops play, infiltration behind enemy lines, watch your clan mates back, achive the objective and get a buzz out of it stuff. I highly recommend tis game.
    BTW the headset is also great, mine still working great and can also be used with your mobile and is loads better than alot of other bluetooth sets out there.

  3.  Great game but Preferred the original


    This is a top game but I have to say I prefer the original as you we're able play more as a team and be more tactical. I reckon that's because it was cleaner, I'm not a big fan of all these extra bonus' its keeps you self focused instead of team focused. That being said it's still an enjoyable game but the none team focus and difficulties joining up with people to play, knock this game for me a little.

  4.  Marmite sanwich


    I think this games like Marmite you either love it or hate it - I'm not a fan, couldn't get into it at all, found it very frustarting. Perhaps it's because I haven't played the old ames and if if you had you'd been more familiar with what your expected to d. All I know is I found the lack of clarity with objectives very frustrating.

  5.  Good game, multiplayer needs work


    I really enjotyed this game in storymode = hours of entertainment. I've downgraded it to 4 start though as the multiplayer plays okay but the objectives aren't great and it gets a bit boring after a while it's also frustrating not being able to shoot over walls properly and after a few days novelty you end up going back to you favourite shooter.
    Worth a punt for the offline version though - highly enjoyable, the story plays like a movie that you're part off and keeps you hooked in.