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  1.  weird, random...


    Wierd, random and completly mental. A great display of extreme manga with characters who have definitly more bullets than brain cells, funny and out of the park violence. Worthy of watching by more than just your average manga/ anime fan.

  2.  Good but...


    This special pack is only worth while to ultra fans of the game or collectors, the game game is good but...
    - the figures you get in this pack are a little lame for ltd's
    - the anime was an utter dissapointment and does not even match up to the original, even the alpha films were better than this!
    - the main title music sux to be honest utter rubbish and is extremely annoying why change from the original music which was so much better!
    Despite these dissapointments , it plays well, is challenging and does look quite nice.
    Easy to pick up, hard to master (or in somecases put down).
    If this was a review for the game itself it would have gotten a five star but this version only deserves a four.

  3.  Good


    I remember watching the trailers for this and being very intrigued, and when I watched it the first time I was still very much intrigued, oh did I say that twice? Yes the film is confusing unless you love that style of anime, which I think the casual viewer does not but as far as anime goes this film is great to watch and on the second viewing definitly is a good film and is alot easier to understand.

  4.  One of my early buys


    This anime is very good, in comparison to other anime series of a similar vein it has hard competion. For the time it was made it does not surprise me that it is a somewhat confusing at times, those ambitions story writers lol. Not bad at all, if you like most anime its worth having a look, if you remember watching the evangelion films before watching the series, which explains alot, and enjoyed being a bit confused then you'll love this.

  5.  I'll be brief...


    A great idea cut at the neck, this OVA is good but like alot of OVA's it leaves you wanting more DAMN! To watch, the story is good the animation is good but yet again it is far too short. Definitly worth watching though.

  6.  Good but...


    This anime is very good in a number of ways, the story is pretty good, action is good but the ending leaves me wanting more, maybe thats a good thing but for a 50min film it tries to achieve alot in a very short space of time. despite the time factor the film is great and definitly worth watching.

  7.  Fantastic


    This was one of the first anime I bought, and why wouldn't I, hell why wouldn't you! This film has and is everything that the live action film should have been, some classic dialogue, moves and confrontations with a bit of comedy splashed in to mix it up a bit. It's a shame that later sequals could not cap this film, a must for anime and street fighter fans alike.

  8.  A cool film that will leave you wanting to watch more


    This anime suprised me little due to the time setting, and shocked me more when I saw the gore factor, don't get me wrong I love a bit of excessive violence but I just didn't expect it. This film is very good bit of fantasy, bit of sci-fi, great action and decent characters. As stated a cool film, its a shame it's a series I wanted to watch more.

  9.  If you like drama...


    As an idea it is a great one as for watching it, well personally I found it slow and dissapointing. As a title of She, i figured hmm is this for me but the Ultimate weapon swung it for me, the only thing that is truly ultimate is the yawn factor of an idiotic school kid who is smitten by a girl who is the ultimate weapon, however the redeeming quality of this set is the film another love song, this has a much more intresting storyline and characters but it would, sadly, be confusing without watching the series first.

    Overall it looks good and despite my dissapointment it is not a bad series, worth watching at least once. A must if you like anime drama's with a little action thrown in.