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  1.  Linwood's Usual Twists In Shorter Form!


    As a big Linwood Barclay fan I was worried that with this being such a short read, his usual twists and turns wouldn't be as much or as effective. But what has actually happened is that the twists come so fast that you are continually surprised at every page! I love how he has brought in a character used in a previous book. The final page of the story is astonishing and you will be left thinking about it long after you have finished reading. A great read!

  2.  nothing new for the fans


    If you are already a Beyonce fan then there shouldn't be any major revelations in this book for you. it is mostly getting its facts from other sources, particularly the Destiny's Child autobiography Soul Survivors. However, it still does make for an interesting read.

  3.  Not Cecelia's Greatest Effort


    I was waiting in great anticipation for this book being a massive fan of hers. I love her style of writing and how her stories always have a touch of magic about them but in an almost realistic way. However I have to say I was more than a little disappointed with this book. It is no where near as exciting as her previous books and even slightly dull in parts. You don't really get to know any of the characters which is a shame as she always writes brilliant characters. The book was still enjoyable though and not a complete disaster or anything. I have still given it 4 stars as I have fate in her!

  4.  Great for the price


    Lovely top. Quality is really good when you consider how cheap it is. I would suggest to order a size larger, or even 2 sizes larger as it is a very small fit.

  5.  A Must Have For Harry Fans!


    A great idea. Interesting to read all about the various beasts and particularly the ones Hagrid has had! The best thing about this little book though is, as it is meant to be Harry's school book, you can see little handwritten notes that him, Ron & Hermione have written to each other during class! Well done JK...again!

  6.  A Must-Have For Harry Fans!


    Gorgeous little book-looks like those really old fairy tale books you had as a child. Each story has something to be learned from. Especially enjoyable is the story of the three brothers which is a major part of the final Harry Potter book. JK does it again!

  7.  Great For Fans Of Harry Potter


    Such a great idea! Ideal for Harry fans. Great introduction by Dumbledore. Tells how quidditch got started, is played, rules and fun facts.

  8.  Please Give This Book A Chance!!


    When I first received this book, after hearing so much positivity about it, I tossed it aside and deemed it 'pathetic'. A few months later I picked it up again willing to give it another go, and I'm so glad I did. You have to go into it with a postive mind and see it for what it really is. The fault is that people interpret it in the wrong way. It is not trying to brainwash you into believing you can have anything you want by thinking positively and believing you already have it, it is simply trying to get you to think positively in life. Once I understood this and applied it to my life, I can tell you I've never been happier. Just by being encouraged to think positively I believe I have gotten rid of any negative influences in my life and not let them affect me. Please just give it a chance!

  9.  I have never read a book quite like this..


    I bought this book as I'd heard so much abut how great the trilogy was. When I had read the first chapter I wasn't overly impressed but decided I had to at least give it a chance...boy, am I glad I did! You can't help but get enthralled in Katniss's story. There is so much suspense and tension. Every chapter ends on a suspensful note and you are gagging to read the next one. Even the very last line in the book ends so perfectly and suspensfully that I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel! Unfortunatel as it's half 7 at night I am unable to get my hands on it at this moment but let me tell you, I will be banging down the door of my local bookstore tomorrow morning!

  10.  Surprisingly Very Enjoyable


    This book is aimed at the teen market but I am in my mid twenties and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had it read in a couple of hours but this was because it is both a page turner yet disappointingly short. I guess this is because it's aimed at teens but I felt like it definitely could have been longer and the author could have gotten some more out of it. This however doesn't take away from the story. It's an interesting take on the life after death story and does genuinely make you think about things you may say to others and not realise how it may affect them. Highly recommended!