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  1.  very good game


    i have all the assasins creed games and this is my second favorite, the other assasins have personality and seem to have an impact on the story.
    the multiplayer is the same as the one in brotherhood (if it aint broke dont try to fix it.)
    the climing and running is smooth but when you come accross a pigeon coop you will need bullets or throwing knives.
    its best to play through 2, then brotherhood and then this.

    get this game if you have finished 2 and brotherhood.

  2.  The second best game in my collection.


    i love this game i dont like undead nightmare but i like this. there are a few glitches but much much better than gta 4 this game is second best in my collection just after mass effect 2

    get this game and you wont regret it.

  3.  incredable game


    this game is amazing everything avout it is just fun the missions are fun, cut scenes are funny and some made me laph out loud and it really uses the ps3s six axis controller. however it does have some drawbacks the boss battles gat verry hard and frustrating. i have got to a part in the game where i need another player to complete it
    this game is incredable but you will need a freind to play it with you.

    buy this game, you will have such a good time with it.

  4.  Great game


    This game is great it's the second best game I have on the ps3 just after mass effect 2 it's got a great story it's like a csi game with a bigger budget. The character faces are cool once you get use to them. There hard to describe the faces there human but not quit buy this game you'll have a blast

  5.  pritty much crackdown one


    this game is crackdown 1 but with zombies in it. Alright

  6.  great game.


    this game is brilliant the characters have personality. the story is brilliant. the multiplayer is terrible compared to number 2
    the way i see it is number one has the better story and number 2 has a better multiplayer.
    this game is defently worth the money.

  7.  verry good game


    this game is brilliant its not my favorite stratergy, that still belongs to halo wars. back to topic, this game is great the only flaw i can find is that some of the levels are verry confusing.

    this game is defently worth the price tag.

  8.  verry good game, with a few drawbacks


    i love this game the characters are great and the end is brill but the checkpoints in this game suck, this wouldnt matter so much but when you die you have to go half way accross the huge map. the game also has a lot of swering in it, most of the swering isnt even needed.

    great game only dont play it infront of your parents kids.

  9.  Another great lego game


    this game is great the kids will love it and it will make the parents smile two. it can get frustrating because the puzzles get rather hard but verry fun game

    get this game you will keep the kids happy.

  10.  this game is great but still no multiplayer


    i love this game i think its better than number one but it has 2 faults number one: no real connection to number 1
    number 2: it still has no multiplayer

    i would get this game if you are new to assasins creed but if you have number one i would sell that first because you wont play it anymore and ac2 sevrs all conection to ac1