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  1. Amer



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     Art in Motion.


    Not for everyone, but for me, this was an absolute triumph. A sensory assault that beat me and soothed me afterwards.

    The three parts aren't totally cohesive, but the staggeringly tense first part and the trippy/open ended final part make one unforgettable experience.

    Very recommended!

  2.  Unforgettable


    Make no bones about it, this film is one you will either absolutely love, or absolutely hate.

    I was lucky enough to be drawn in to this lush, abstract, visceral World and I was at times feeling peace, shock, horror, sympathy and sorrow.

    The movie is brutal and extremely graphic. It has fantastic visuals, very much like paintings coming to life, especially the Hellish red hues that emboss the screen at certain moments.

    I can't recommend this enough, it demands to be seen, even if just to be hated... But better to be loved.

  3.  Gob Smackingly Brilliant.


    Scorsese at his absolute best. Everything about this movie is jawdropping...

    From the cast (Leo does a tremendous job), The imagery is like an amazing photoshopped picture over and over.

    The score moved me to tears and I'd recommend the movie just for the music.

    I love this movie, in my opinion it is one of the finest of 2010.

  4.  Hypo-notic.


    absolutely stunning, big, bright, with the most satisfying on/off button ever. if you are a fidgeter and love clicking your pens, get this product, actually everyone should get it.

  5.  Modern Cinema At It's Best.


    From the master Sion Sono. 4 hours of utter incredible artistic and slapstick cinema. Split into sections which makes viewing easier, although the 4 hours completely flies by and will leave you wanting more. The characters are all sublime in their own way, a great story and a very very sweet ending. I can't wait to show my girlfriend this epic film when it arrives this week. WATCH IT.

  6.  Sharp ;)


    The blu ray disc is very very sharp, much better quality than the region 1 dvd that came out in america last year. there are 2 interviews with park chan wook each lasting 13 minutes which isn't bad really.

    but the movie itself is staggering, i'm a huge fan of chan wook so this is a treat in my eyes, he is on top form and serves up a deep, crimson filled, sexy, violent and realistic look at vampires, so much so that you actually believe this could be happening somewhere in the world right now.

    a class movie.

  7.  Sublime


    I was so happy watching this film i nearly cried. it was my first ghibli film and i never thought anime could make me feel the things this film did. It truly warmed my heart, i had to buy the hong kong dvd, but will definitely buy the blu ray when it comes out here. amazing, thank god for people like miyazaki. ponyo is the cutest character ever conceived.

  8.  HEAVEN.


    When I want to go to a happy place, i put on this cd. Converge always put out amazing releases and this is no different. So much anger, so much danger, but it still soothes the soul. Amazing.

  9.  pure perfection


    The most incredible game ever made and the definite reason to buy a ps3 if you haven't done so. The graphics are out of this world, almost photorealistic. The single player is tremendous clocking in at 12 hours, with a very cool system which gives you money which you can spend on character skins, bonus footage and tweaks.
    Then you have the multiplayer which is addictive with a whole load of modes and a hefty perk system.
    Do yourself a favour and buy this game.

  10.  raspberry ripple!


    a fantastic zombie movie, cheesy, funny, innovative and most importantly amazing to sit through with people who haven't seen it just to see their reaction. a must buy especially on blu ray, can't wait to see the lovely snow in almighty hd.