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  1.  otherworldly


    lars von trier dares to go to a place that truly open minded people and lovers of extreme cinema want to go with him. the film is both beautiful and extremely uncomfortable at the same time. rich in both story and gorgeous visuals. so many bizarre and down right wrong things happen on screen, but they never feel too hard to handle. i found myself not wanting to look away even on the most disturbing sequences (cough *scissors* cough)...
    outstanding performances throughout, and that includes the fox hahaha. in my mind, phenominal and very important, just as irreversible was back in the day.

  2.  extremely good.


    This movie is fantastic, the flow is perfect. I was engrossed with the story and genuinely cared for the characters. It's a sweet story dressed up as something tough. It's really touching and truly moving, but in the kind of way that you feel when you have gone through something beautiful. Eastwood is magic and impossible to look away from. One of the best movies to come out since oldboy. Highly recommend it. Oh and the bluray transfer is crystal.

  3.  excellent.


    The best american horror movie in a very very long time. Unlike most generic horror movies, this one really tries to be different and definitely succeeds. There are some horrific and shocking scenes that will linger in your memory long after you have watched this film. Check it out if you like very strange interesting movies.

  4. inFamous



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    InFamous. this is the game i had to finally get a PS3 for and boy, i do not regret it. This game is extreme fun, loads of amazing powers and great free running platform gaming. great art style too, very slick. One of the best things to do is climb up REALLY high and drop down hitting the ground causing a huge electric blast.


  5.  Vamptastic.


    Saw this last month in the cinema, it was incredible. such a clever and captivating story. Innocent yet very very dark and brutal. The ending is so sweet it will leave you warm inside. Look for the pool scene as it is one of the finest moments in world cinema. A modern day vampire masterpiece.

  6.  Going Home.


    I'm only going to talk about the last short story on this film... titled "Going Home" directed by Peter Chan with cinematography from Christopher Doyle (who makes any film look stunning)... this segment ran in at 50 minutes, and while it is a slow burning story, stick with it as the pay off is immense. such a lovely and tender love story twisted up in extremely chaotic behaviour, or maybe not? It left my girlfriend with a tear in her eye and gave us a huge topic to talk about. As testament to how great the story was, the second i finished it off, i wanted to see it again.

  7.  Tres Magnifique


    this is amazing, the most brutal and gut wrenching movie of its kind. this is what hostel should have been if you ask me! the part with the pincers make my skin crawl. great cast of characters, good story, amazing action and effects. i like this even more than martyrs. must own. the best french extreme around.

  8.  a sweet life...


    Having seen hundreds of asian movies, this is one that sticks out. it's even better on the second viewing. incredible, high octane action scenes choreographed by Jung Doo-hong, the star of City Of Violence. Everything is stunning and very well shot. Kim Ji Woon is a brilliant director, his entire filmography is out of this world in terms of excellence. Watch this if you like action as well as drama.

  9.  sweet sweet pikmin.


    the original pikmin is my favourite game of all time, and this one just ups the ante by 100%. i never had the chance to play pikmin 2 on gamecube, so this is really good news for me. the wii version has better controls and better visuals. so you have every reason to get this even if you have already played it before. this is a classic. nintendo at their best.

  10.  Best Asian Horror Ever Made.


    Kiyoshi Kurosawa is the greatest film maker in this world. Honestly, the atmosphere in his films makes me so happy I could cry. You watch any of his numerous movies and can happily expect to be moved and shook, rattled and rolled. Pulse is my favourite of his filmography. It has the most scary ghosts ever, it is a very slow burning film, but those people who can't get it (i feel so bad for)... put on your surround sound, sit back and be prepared to witness stunning visuals and an aural assault. It is about how technology has taken over our lives and the resulting alienation. Watch now!