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  1.  Unbelievable


    Never in my life have I seen anything like this. It's shocking as can be. Really interesting characters and ideas. Some horrible scenes that made me feel ill to be honest. Another brilliant french extreme movie. The extras on the disc tally up to over 45 minutes of interviews and a short film. Highly Recommended.

  2.  what a rush!


    this movie is 2 and a quarter hours of mayhem, knives, guns, laughs and the rest. it's by the director of other very highly rated korean movies (A Bittersweet Life & A Tale of Two Sisters).... not for a second did it drag on. The pacing is near perfect, forget clint eastwood, it's all about Kim Ji Woon. you owe it to yourself to watch this movie. I'd get it without the second disc, but that is just a bonus.

  3.  To Hell And Back...


    never seen anything like this. French Extreme is not for the faint of heart, honestly. I am a horror nerd and i felt ill after watching this. Gore, Torture, Monsters, it's immense. I actually feel this is one of the strongest efforts in recent memory. Recommend it totally, top top french cinema. Watch if you dare to.

  4.  MAGIC


    Kim Ki Duk is an absolute genius, no matter what people say about his work and its content. Each and every single one of his films are utter class, this one especially left me completely in awe, it was so incredible that i actually felt like crying.

    I feel really sorry for people who don't understand or choose to understand KKD's work. They are sorely missing out.

    As an owner of 95% of his filmography, I recommend 3IRON (Bin Jip) as one of his very very best.

    The use of silence whereby actions speak louder than words transcends any language barrier, background or culture. watch this film right now!

  5.  fairy tale


    creepy and wonderful. this is korean cinema at its best. the film is packed with story, suspense, beautiful scenery and great actors. i even showed this to my sister who doesn't like this kind of thing, and she was raving about it afterwards! a fairy tale told like never before. get this and see what i am talking about for yourself.

  6.  carnage


    best fun i've had on my wii since no more heroes. it's funny, addictive, amazing to look at and satisfying as hell. so much replay value in this game. i have played the opening levels over and over without getting bored. combat is really perfect and the mini games are outrageous! a must buy for all hardcore wii gamers.

  7.  Insane!


    the most addictive game by a clear mile. intense, raw, nerve busting and jaw breaking fun. great stuff to let steam off to. it's one of the very best games to come out this generation.

  8.  cgi-tastic


    First of all, best cgi effects ever for blood and maiming. Look out for the eyeball coming out! Hahaha.
    Vinnie jones is as intimidating as always. The commentary by clive barker and ryuhei kitamura is really interesting and funny. To be fair kitamura is a genius at work, and it shows big time here. Very enjoyable.

  9.  korea-blimey


    This is just brilliant, a great story combined with excellent battles. It has a very sweet love story and a real tale of strength. Plus yoko is incredibly beautiful. Get it.

  10.  out of this world.s


    seriously, we all know that korean action movies are the best in the world. i'd put this flick up there with old boy as the very finest. incredible action moments, and a tender story that underlies it all. must watch and must own.