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  1.  Where's the Gore and horror?


    I don't understand the previous 5 star reviews. They must have either a) Worked on the film
    b) Watched something else completely different to me

    The film has to be one of the most gore-less 18 cert movies i've ever seen. The recent Drag me to Hell was a 12A in the US and had far more scares and nastiness.
    Don't waste your time with this and try something much better like The Children, Donkey Punch, Eden Lake, Inside, Martyrs or Them.

  2.  A mighty fine T!!


    The print is excellent, high quality and a nice size. I bought a large and it fits perfectly (some large T's can be huge or a skinny fit).

    What the play.com description fails to mention is the T also has a rear print which was a nice surprise. It's basically a mirror of the front image ie. it features the rear of the bears head and the kanYeWest logo is in reverse.

    A must have T for the Kanye fans out there.

  3.  Great T but check sizing


    T-shirt is nice quality and the print is exactly the same as the play.com image.
    The only slight gripe is the sizing is a little large. Size Large T-shits usually fit me perfectly but the Large in this is more of an XL size. I bought a medium now and it fits just right.

  4.  Disappointingly unoriginal


    After reading a few good reviews and hearing some promising word of mouth i came away from watching this brit horror feeling rather meh.
    I found the movie uninspired, soulless and lacking in any spark of originality.

    If you want a horror with some proper bite i recommend seeing Inside, Frontiers, [REC], Decent etc. All of which are of a higher quality.

  5.  Not Great


    All tracks are covers and many don't sound particularly good. Also many of the tracks are just acoustic versions so there's no lyrics to sing along to which disappointed my daughter.
    But it's very cheap so it's not a total rip.

  6.  Hellishly good Blu-ray


    As this is a Universal Blu-ray it's region free.

    I think this is even better than the first movie. Lots of great action, plenty of great Del Toro touches and monsters that could only come from his brain-box.

    This is easily one of the best Blu-ray transfers so far. The images are very sharp and have some great detail. The sound is even better with a totally boom-bastic 7.1 DTS-HD soundtrack, it really packs a punch and will have neighbours complaining several doors away!
    It's just a shame that we won't see another Hellboy anytime soon due to Del Toro's other commitments (can't wait for the Hobbit movies).

    A great action/comic book movie and a superb blu-ray (extra's are on a regular DVD which is a little cheap)

    Film 4/5
    PQ 5/5
    Audio 5/5
    Extra's 4/5

  7.  The Dark (Blu) Knight


    As this is a Warner Blu-ray it's region free (so will play on my US PS3).

    One of the best films of the year (along with Wall-E) quickly comes to blu-ray and it's a very good transfer. As the film was only out a few months ago the extras are a little scrawny especially compared to the superb collection of extras that were on the Blu-ray of Batman Begins. So expect to double-dip sometime next year with a special edition.

    Due to the nature of the movie being pretty dark in on screen action (along with the narrative) it doesn't look as good as some other recent blu-ray's (like Wall-E or Speed Racer).
    The sound is superb though, especially the rumbling Batpod/Batmobile section.

    Essential Blu-ray for action/comic book fans and even non comic fans will enjoy it due to the supremely strong story. Just expect the inevitable special edition sooner rather than later.

    Film 5/5
    PQ 4/5
    Audio 5/5
    Extra's 2/5

  8.  Classic Carpenter!


    This Blu-ray is region free (as with all Universal discs)

    This has to be my favourite Carpenter movie and one of my most watched horror moves ever.
    The special effects were ground-breaking at the time and still hold up incredibly well despite the upgrade to HD.

    The Blu-ray has a great transfer with the Arctic backdrop looking very nice and crisp. Audio is decent and much better than previous releases.
    The extra's whilst slim are very good. Great commentary with Carpenter and Russell which is a must listen for any fan.

    Movie 5/5
    PQ 4.5/5
    Audio 4/5
    Extras 2/5

  9. Oldboy



    14 New from  £11.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £26.61

     Vengeance, Korean style


    This is a review of the US blu-ray (which is region free, the extras disc however comes on a regular region 1 DVD).

    This is one of the best movies to come out of Korea over the last 5 years or so (of which there have been quite a few).
    Guy gets imprisoned for 15 years without knowing anything of his captor or the reasoning behind his incarceration.
    He is then let out and has just 5 days to seek vengeance on whoever was behind his abduction.

    Brilliantly shot and directed with a superb leading man in Choi Min-Sik. Plenty of twists and turns and some very bleak and pretty sickening scenes, which wouldn't lend itself very easily to the supposed Hollywood remake (i hope it doesn't get made).

    The Blu-ray transfer is a definite step-up from the DVD that i had. There is fair bit of grain and isn't as sharp as i was hoping for but decent nevertheless.
    Sound is very good. Korean DTS HD master audio 7.1and DD-EX 5.1.
    The bonus disc is also very good and is choc-full of interesting tidbits.

    This is a must watch movie for anyone that wants an edgy non-hollywood production. Even if you aren't a fan of foreign movies it should certainly be tasted.

    Movie 5/5
    PQ 3.5/5
    Audio 5/5
    Extras 4/5

  10.  One of Pixar's best!


    This is really a film of 2 halves. The first half is pure Pixar magic with the oh-so lovable Wall-E going about his daily life of processing trash until his rubbish existance is rocked with the arrival of a much more advanced robot in the form of EVE.
    The 2nd half is more traditional animated fare which isn't as strong as the movie starts out but is still a very enjoyable watch.

    The sound and PQ on this BD are certainly "up there" with the best of the best. I just hope we see more of them soon on Blu so i can snap 'em all up.

    Great film for all ages and one of Pixars best movies so far (definitely up there with Toy Story 2, Nemo and the Incredibles).

    Film 5/5
    PQ 5/5
    Audio 5/5
    Extras 5/5