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  1.  Not a good storyline


    This was the first Final Fantasy title I bought many years ago. After seeing Final Fantasy X I thought all Final Fantasy's were intertwined somehow - later investgation - they are not.
    Good Points
    - Amazing Graphics
    - Lots of extra's in the double DVD set
    - Sid! (though usually we call him Cid)

    Bad Points
    - Storyline, if they had chosen the storyline using more of the 5th spirit which they intended then I really think it would have done alot better
    - No chocobos, ok I know its a really serious film, but Chocobo's fit in most places

    I would buy this if you are hardcore Final Fantasy fan and need everything in your collection - but if your just a general movie obessive - I wouldn't - you will only critise it - its had enough of that

  2.  Buy the DS version of the game


    Some of you may have read my review of the Wii version and know I wasn't impressed with the screen layout etc. However, this game, as predicited is far better suited to the DS and I can say I was blown away.

    First of all they improved the battle system from Ring of Fate from Magicite to just Standard MP. This made so much more sense and really helped the game.

    I really liked the story line as well. The cut scenes were much more detailed than the other games. However, my favourite part of this game: Sherlotta. What a amazing character, a kind of Final Fantasy Catwoman! She is definatly one of my top 5 favourite characters - I really enjoyed her character development and story line. I hope she makes a comeback soon.

    So what more can I say, read the reviews, this game is good!

  3.  Really Enjoyable


    I found this game realy enjoyable. I will not lie to you, at times I found this game really challenging and had to go on youtube for some help.

    That dosen't mean this is a bad thing though. I found the story line really gripping and kept wanting to know what happened next. The L'cie part was good as well - I kinda want a brand for myself.

    I'm sure you will have heard this game is linear, and yes it is, but that didn't bother me really to be honest - however I would have liked more people to talk to in the game - but you get that in XIII-2 so who cares?

    All in all I think this is a really good installment in the series to date and look forward to what comes next in Fabula Novalla Crystallis

  4.  I was surprised


    I didn't even know Final Fantasy had a anime series until I found this in a second hand shop in Leeds. When I first watched it I was spectal however by the end of this DVD I was impressed. The only thing that was disapointing was the ending theme - the mad chocobo theme and crazy japanese fast talking lyrics did let it down a bit. But who watches the credits anyway????

    I liked this and the Magun is definatly one of my favourite weapons of all the final fantasy series :)

  5.  Fantastic!


    This is my favourite Final Fantasy title to date. The voice acting was great and seeing all the old characters again. The story was quite emotional but i think this was because of the all female cast. I think this could be part of the reason people have reviewed this in a negative way - c'mon boys - there only girls.

    Everything about this game appealed to me, first off was the ability to change job using the dress-sphere garment grid system. Each character has a different look when they change into these and I though the transformation sequences were really kewl.

    Levelling up wasn't much, but the sphere grid confused me anyway so thats fine. To get to 100% though, your gonna need alot of time and patience but its worth it to see a familiar face talking to Yuna again at the end.

    All in all this game is definatly a 10/10 in my book - its my favourite game and the variety of the game leads to all sorts of scenarios - so you cant just play it once and know it!

  6.  My first final fantasy title - and it got me hooked


    This was the first Final Fantasy game I saw round at my friends house. Ixion and Yuna were my favourite characters. I admit it was a increadbly lengthy game - took alot of leveling up.

    However, the voice acting, the emotion, passion of the game really excelled across to me and as such I became a Final Fantasy Freak.

    I admit this is a hard game but unlike most final fantasy games - i dont think you need a user guide for this one - the game is pritty good at telling u where secrets/items are.

    All in all, this is a great game and considering how cheap it is second hand now - just buy it!

  7.  Don't buy the Wii version


    I loved rings of fate and this is the same game setting as rings of fate. I bought it for the Wii - however - do not - the dual screens make things overly complex and hard to see - despite the adjustments. This game is far better suited for the DS which I have nearly completed and found thoroughly enjoyable :)

  8.  Very Pleasently Surprised


    I have got to say, this is the second Final Fantasy DS game I have played (I started III and couldn't quite get into it, however gonna have another bash at that) and I wasnt really expecting much from Rings of Fate.

    But right from the power button being swtiched on I was impressed. First suprise "Voice Acting!" I prefer voice acting in games as my eye sight is not so good. Ok its not all voice acted but hey.

    I managed to complete this game in 12 hours and like i say I found it quite enjoyable - this is also my first crystal chronicles game so cant wait to play echoes of time.

    All in all, buy this game, the only thing its missing is Cid and Chocobos?!

  9.  I was surprised


    I am a Final Fantasy Freak. Anything with that branding on it I have to have it - so I got this as a stocking filler. I didnt expect much to the game, I'm not really a DS Fan either.

    However - to my surpirse - this game was addictive yet not too overwhelming for a non-hardcore gamer like myself. Ok it is babyish in parts but all the characters are there (from Shiva to Cid).

    My advice that if you are looking for a small gift for one of your loved ones but there isnt a final fantasy due out at the time (such as the amazing XIII-2) then buy this. Its a little bit of fun and only took me about a week to complete.

  10.  1 word - Amazing


    I have been playing this game for a week now. I took the day off work when it was released to go get it and make a good head start on it. I didn't go to sleep till 3am that day I was so hooked.

    Everything from Mog, to the cinematic action makes this game unique and definatly one of square enix's better games. You can tell they've really thought about this one.

    The only thing i would suggest to people if you buy this - buy the stratergy guide too - i dont wanna give too much away but the time travel thing can get a little confusing without a map of it.