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  1.  Surprisingly good for a rehash.


    I quite enjoyed this to be truthful. Its not got the tongue in cheek style that the originals had but its been remade with a certain amount of faith to the source material. Several scenes have been borrowed from the old films and remade. I wasn't too sure about Freddy's new look, I thought some of the make up was a bit iffy but Jackie Earl Haley's performance and the fact that you rarely see his face fully kinda detracts from it. I felt is was a pretty solid way to remake the character for the modern audience. Freddy's not the jovial psychopath he once was. He's now been replaced with a very angry, very dark and far more sinister character. I'm a big fan of the original movies and I still have to say Robert Englunds Freddy is better, but they could have done alot worse on this remake.

    As for the review below that said you can't replace the main characters actors, tell that to James Bond, seems to work fine for him. All in all a pretty solid movie, if your expecting it to have the same style the original had then I'd skip it, theres not really a laugh to be had here. If thats what you're looking for I'd reccomend something like Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, Plane Terror or Feast. But if you want to see a fairly descent reimagining of a classic horror character in a new contemparty style then give it a go, its better than the Friday 13th remake but not as good as the new Halloween (1 not 2) in my opinion. I've been wighing up wether to give it 3 or 4 stars if I'm honest so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and give if 4 seeing as I think the low reviews aren't very fair but its at the low end of 4 stars.

  2.  Really quite average.


    I was expecting big things of this, its a well established franchise and I've really loved some of the past titles. Sadly it just seems like it was rushed. Nothing seems to have really been considered past "Hey! Lets make a new Medal of Honor, and lets do what everyone else is doing and make it modern day!". The single player for me was the biggest dissapointment, I was stunned when a mere 4 or so hours in the credits rolled. The one thought going through my head was "Are you ****ing kidding me? I payed for that!". Also a big let down for me was the distinct lack of any real plot, not don't get me wrong, I wasn't a fan of MW2s plot either, mainly because I prefered the old CoD storytelling of being part of an army instead of being a ramboesqe one man killing machine, so to that end the missions here are good. They make you feel that you're part of something bigger being amongst troops on the battlefield when playing as a ranger and calling in the airsupport, laying down supressing fire etc. But even though it ticks these boxes theres no real direction in the narrative. No purpose or theme binding them together other than: Theres a war going on, you're in it, have at it son! It would have been nice to see some sort of story construct and a distinct ending, it just doesn't feel like it goes anywhere. But enough about 1P.

    Multiplayer, so heres where you will most likley spend most of your time, unless you're that deflated by the campaign you trade it in. Its good, thats it really. It's not great, just ok. I read a review about it where the journalist implied that DICE deliberatley didn't give it their all so as to not step on the Battlefield franchises toes, and to me that seem slike a pretty fair assesment. First of the peak and lean from 1P and going prone is gone. I still can't get my head round the decision to use two engines for the one game, gives the two aspects totally different feels like they shouldn't even be on the same title. The progression is typical of battlefield: BC2, you only level the class you use. Its a campers paradise on here and even the most mal-coordinated of us will easily pull in a fairly descent KTD with a sniper rifle. I'm probably selling it short a bit too much here, Let me just say it IS fun, just not as refined or polished as MW2 or BC2. The Kill chains are a neat addition, kinda like MW2 but at the same time kinda not, once you get a certain scorechain you are awarded with a level of reward, you can use either offensive ones like mortars, sirstrikes etc or defensive ones, UAVs, flack jackets etc. You make this choise in the field rather than selecting what you take pre-game like MW2. I find this a nice twist as you can react to the situatoion in the battle a little more, makes you a bit more versatile.

    All in all a good title, but not anything to write home about. Might keep you entertained for a few weeks till Black Ops hits the shelves. I'm just gonna hold onto mine for the Battlefield 3 beta in all honesty. Such a shame the development seems so fragmented, this franchise really deserved better.

  3.  What utter garbage.


    This is a red hot steaming pile. It is meant to be a camcorder shot horror movie in the style of Blair Witch, Cloverfield, Diary of the Dead and so on. They seem to be getting ever more popular these days. Whilst some manage to be passable as films, others just seem to be using it as an excuse for what I can only assume is lack of a descent story, scriptwrite or directot. As you would expect from this kind of film it uses unknown actors if they even are actors. It was incredibly predictable and fairly dissapointing. Dragged on far too much, was way too boring and there was pretty much no horror elements too it at all, just an hour and a bit of 20 somethings arguing with each other all the time.

  4.  Based on Beta


    I was in closed beta playing right up until open beta ended yesterday. Based on what I've seen from my experience there this game is alot of fun. Firstly character creation is imense, if you've played the CoX games it will be familiar to you however the customisation is taken up to another level, hundereds of options and a multitude of sliders, 4 colour combination instead of CoX's 2 and also the ability to customise individual parts like shouders, gloves eyes etc instead of both.
    The game plays like its intended to, more like a console game than a traditional MMO, the standard settitings needed some customisation to work best for me but thats just a personal thing. As it wasa designed to be portable to Xbox (more info pending we are told) it plays on the xbob game pad, and suprisingly well too. For an MMO it doesn't follow the usual holy trinity of Healer, Tank and Dps, the game has done away with classes and you create your character by picking literraly any powers you want from the whole game. Of course it is still possible to create a healer or a tank but the style of play makes it possible to take powers from all aspects and switch between roles using the "roles" and "builds" systems.

    The nemesis system is an awesome addition, usiing the same creator that you create your characters with you can create an arch enemy, pick his henchmen and personality and he/she will attack you randomly and there will me mission arcs leading to the grande finale showdown.

    Its not without its bugs of course. Whilst I know it was just a beta I'd expect to see a few creep past into launch. But I have played half a dozen MMORPG launches and if I'm honest this beta was probably more polished than all of them. Gameplay can get a bit repetetive some times and there are only 5 zones making it in at launch. We have been told by criptic they have a long term commitment to bring out quality content updates on a regular basis, this of course remains to be seen.

    PvP is in aswell in the form of competition matches, underground fighting rings and apocalypse training scenarios. In a similar fashion to WAR xp can be earned via PvP but at a slightly lower rate than PvE. Also taken from WAR is the open mission concept whereby a mission happeens in progresivly harder stages out in the open world and any player in the are can drop in and take part, grouped or not and reveive a share of the rewards.

    The game wil include microtransactions in the future which is something I always find diagreeable in a pay 2 play MMO but we have been assured anything that effects gameplay will be achievable in game and anything else is cosmetic. Another criticism I have is that some of the descriptions for powers and advantages and often game mechanics is vague and confusing though they do seem to be updating alot of it on a regular basis.

    All in all I loved my time on this and can't wait for it to be released. Whether the game has the ability to keep me on for a long time I have yet to see. I'm looking forwards to see what the end game content is trully like and whether the promised content lives up to the PR. I'm also looking forward to the future addition of SG bases, a greate feature from CoX that hasn't made it into launch on CO. But I highly reccomend this game to any super entheusiast and look forward to seeing you in there, it would have had 5 stars had there been just that little bit more variety in the game world but I have faith that will come soon enough.

  5.  WOW! Enough said!


    You must buy this! Its amazing. Gripping and tense right from the go. The mutants kinda remind me of the suffering and I'm not to sure whats going on with his freaky helmet. Real atmosphere, resi in space in an understatment.

  6.  Fantastic!!!


    Don't listen to the nay sayers, this is the mutz nutz! If you like films like Evil Dead and Planet Terror and the like, I garuantee you will love this! So tounge in cheek, totaly over the top and hillarious. If you're looking for a straight laced belivable thriller then look elswhere. If you want gore guts and laughs this is the one for you. Top notch!