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  1.  Very Impressed


    I currently have a desktop PC but need the space within the house. Bought this as i don't play games on my PC but cannot stand slow response computers. This is fantastic. i only really use it for word processing and the internet and this is does everything i need it to do, in super-fast speed.
    The delivery was fast (next day delivery) and although that's not really a review of the laptop, i thought it worth mentioning.

  2.  Nice for the price


    For 10 pounds this is a bargain. ou can't be expecting anything special If you're looking at speakers for 10 quid so don't expect too much. I use them for listening to music whilst surfing. they do the job. If you want high quality sound for playing games etc. i suggest you pay a bit more.

  3.  Not a 'resi' game but still good


    I haven't played a 'resi' game since the second one (back in the day) on the PS2. I am really chuffed with the graphics and the game-play. This isn't a classic 'resi' game in my opinion. I think it has more of a gears of war type feel, but without the speed. It's more 'arcadie' than the resident evil's I'm used to. This instalment also has very few puzzles and relies more on action / fighting. Have said all that, it's still very enjoyable but don't expect the usual resident evil type of game play.

  4.  Amazing!


    I was a little dubious about purchasing this. Mainly due to the price and the fact that it seemed a lot for an 'arcade game'. I am a massive fan of the street fighter series and have been since I was a little nipper.
    I finally decided to buy and haven't looked back! Not only do you get the usual arcade mode but you get loads of challenges too. This means hours of fun and this is without mentioning the Xbox Live play mode.
    The graphics are superb and still amaze me now, even after days of playing.
    Having said all this, I do think that some of my enjoyment stems from the fact that I am a big fan of street fighters in general. So if you are so-so about this type of game, may be borrow it before .

  5.  Great Fun


    This has 101 extremely varied games which all use the stylus pen. You won't get bored easily with this compilation.

  6.  Does not disappoint!


    I haven't played a Mario Kart game since the N64 version in the late 90's. It's plain to see that the series of games haven't lost their touch! Nice work.

  7.  Not a scary, 'scary' film


    Awful film. First half was boring and the second half was disappointing. Steer clear and buy a real scary film!

  8.  Excellent Product


    Does what is says and worked immediately with Windows XP

  9.  Surprisingly addictive!


    When a friend of mine lent me this game, I thought "I'll play it, say it's okay and give it them back". After about 5 minutes, I was hooked. I now have my own copy. It's fairly basic but you just can't seem to put it down!

  10.  The only one who wasn't keen?!


    I seem to be the only person here that didn't like it. I thought the graphics were impressive (for a DS obviously) but other that that, I didn't think much of it.