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  1.  A Mixed bag that ticks all the right boxes


    Streetfighter X Tekken (SFXT) has divided opinion since its release 7 months ago. It initally feels like Street Figher 4 (Which is arguably the best 2d fighter out there) but plays more like Marvel Vs capcom

    Critics have slammed the balancing issues, gems, Pandora mode and other quirks with the game, However SFXT does play a very engaging game if your a casual / intermediate player.

    The graphics are sublime and the game lets you customise the button layout to find a best fit - itys not perfect but its enough to get buy. Longer play sessions can be uncomfortable.

    If yuor a fan of capcom beat em ups and want a fun diversion when travelling this ticks all the right boxes.

    Now come on Capcom and release Street Fighter 4 Arcade Version!!

  2.  Stunning retur to form


    If your the inda gamer that craves pure playability over narrtive BUY this game!

    The sundtrack is awesome,, the skins are fantastic to look at with real variety and the game oozes professional graphic design touches throughout. It makes the Vitas screen look stunning.

    It feels like a more grown up adult orientated game appealing to 20 somethings rather than the usual teenage boys club and for that Sony should be applauded.

    Its one of those games you will return to once yu have solved Drakes Dilemma of the year and Shot untold Aliens / WW2 types in the face.

    Your Vita needs this game! (unless all you want to do is shoot things in the face)

  3.  DLC Driven racer


    If you buy this expected it to be a fully fleshed out game you will be dissapointed.

    Ridge racer is cheap because it shops with limited cars, 3 tracks and no single player career mode.

    This is a game driven by Add on packs to buy on the PS Store - extra tracks, music etc.

    As a game its brilliant fun - fluid visuals, great presentation and a good team based online edge to the career. Single player mode is all about time trials and practice races.


    Overall a great little racer that greatly improves with the DLC

  4.  Stunning!!


    If you own a 3DS to owe it to yourself to buy this game, its like playing a Xbox360 game on the go and with headphones in it can be an amazingly immersive experience. The story ihas the high Capcom polish added to it, fantastic graphics and Raid mode is addictive. It plays fine without the circle pad add on and has loads of replayablity

    Capcom are very quickly becoming the best developer for the 3DS

  5.  One for hardcore gamers / boarders


    Are you the type of gamer who is happy to press restart at the slightest error? Stoked is THAT kinda game...

    It captures Snowboarding better than any other game on the market and is an improvement on the orginal in terms of graphics and gameplay tweaks. However the game demands you take time to learn its control system and expects you to Bail time and time and time again!..a bit like the real thing!

    Great soundtrack and a laid back style makes this a refreshing genre to play amongst the many FPS that define this gen.

    One to keep

  6.  Sandbox FPS - brand new its retro!


    Halo set the standard for FPS shooters - establishing a true sandbox way to play. You start a open level and you choose how to get the the end. COD came along and threw that great gameplay idea out the window t maximise the set pieces.

    Halo is all about the gameplay -its a great remake and for anyone who is tired of the COD formula a great reason to get involved in one of the best FPS in gaming history. The multiplayer is amazing with regular updates and new gamemodes each month - a must buy

  7.  Brilliant - if you understand 2d beat em ups


    This game is pure class!

    Clearly Capcom have created a game fior its long term fans, people like myself that grew up playing streetfighter in chip shops, learning how to block and throw fireballs while others watched on waiting for a go.

    If you are too young to reminsise about the glory days when beat em ups were THE genre of choice, and think consoles started with the Playstation and Xbox, then to be honest Capcom doesnt go out of their way to teach you the basics, and its alot to learn.

    With a better tutuorial I could recommend this to Noobs but as it stands its a fantastic 2d beat em up - easily on a par with SF4 thats poure fan service to us old timers (im in my 30's) who grew up on SNES's and Megadrives.

    This game has depth as well, lots on top iof the flashy graphics with a deep fighting engine to keep you hooked - if you have the skills

    Go get it if you wanna game that places fun first and realism second. Just know your quarter circle motions or be prepared to be beat down fast.

  8.  A game that will last for years


    If you are into online multiplayer the Halo reach just keeps on giving. Bungie has an active input via its website and forge mode means new maps, playlists and gametypes are always being added.

    The single player campaign is on a par with the orginal Halo and the gameplay is as amazing as ever.

    If your tired of World War themed FPS, and have never played Halo now is the time. This game is truly a classic and deserves to be played in years to come.



    Be warned if you are upgrading your router to use with xbox live (As I did with this) its riddled with connection issues- just scout on google for forums relating to this router and connection concenrs and you will find a ton of gamers all pullign their hair out as it fails to find DNS servers and other issues. It can be solved- but Belkins offshore customerservice centre is NO use at all.

    If your savvy with net speak and know your Oing from your DNS and virtual firewalls then get this and set it up manually -otherwise STEER CLEAR if you want to use XBOX LIVE!!!

  10.  Best Fighter out there


    Street Fighter has a legacy for a reason - it uses a 6 button approach to fighting on a 2D plane - its core gameplay emelemts have NEVER been bettered. £d fighting games have tried a new approach- but for anyone over the age of 25, this is where the real gamers fight it out to be the best.

    SF4 has a great character roster- all well balanced. If your new to 2D fighetrs coz your under 25 then this may seem all a bit retro coz your part of the 'open world generation of gamers' hopefully this will make you realise that sometimes less is more.

    An absolute classic of a game that shows its not always necessary to change core gameplay elements if they are so perfect to begin with.

    If you consider yourself a CAPCOM fan, or want to hard back to the good old days when arcades . chip shops were the place to improve those fireball throwing skills then SF4 takes that and gives it an online element - pure gaming gold.