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  1. LocoRoco 2

    LocoRoco 2

    Playstation Portable

    3 New from  £9.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.21

     Simply awesome


    I absolutely love this game. Its fun, the controls are simple to get the hang of, the characters are cute and the music is excellent (i cant stop humming the song from the mui mui house - youll know which one when you play).
    It will last a long time too.
    I really recommend it. I only started playing a week ago, but its already in my top 5 psp games.

  2.  Very Fun


    I love this game.
    I played the PS3 demo last year and bought the full version straight away. This is pretty much a straight port. Theres very little difference in the single and multi player modes. This is a good thing since the PS3 version rocked.
    Ive only played it for a few hours yesterday but the multiplayer worked well. I didnt experience any lag or problems.

    The idea of the game is pretty simple. You are trying to save or protect your princess while trying to capture the enemys princess. You can stop the enemy from taking back their princess by feeding her cake to fatten her up making it difficult for the enemy team to carry her away. Thats the main game mode but there are alot of other different modes available too.

    There are alot of different classes of fighters to choose from too and its easy to swap between them in the middle of a match. You can try and play tactically and harvest resources to strengthen your team or just run in and fight. the single player is great but the multiplayer is the best aspect.

    If you have a PS3 I would probably suggest you buy it for the PS3 for bigger online matches and trophy support but this is still an excellent version and its fun to play while out and about.

  3.  Excellent


    I loved this movie. Its pretty violent and the story obviously doesnt follow the original book, but its a decent adaptation.
    My only warning to you is that after watching this you know the whole story for the PS3/360 game. So you may want to play through them first.
    Really good, its the first anmie I've enjoyed in a long while.

  4.  Give it a chance


    Like some of the other reviewers I hated this game at first. The controls felt really slow and it just did not appeal. I finished the first level then didnt pick it up again for a couple of months when I thought i'll give it a chance and now I absolutely love it!
    It does feel slow but thats purposeful. Once you get used to the controls its an excellent game.
    Graphics are good, but not amazing considering some of the more recent games for the PSP. Sound is excellent and alot of voice overs.
    Gameplay as i've said is excellent although can be very difficult. I was playing on normal difficulty and there were levels were I died 20 times. It was frustrating but you get a good sense of acomplishment when you finally beat the level. Story isn't bad. It feels like a prologue for KZ2 on the PS3, but still decent.
    Multiplayer is also good fun and extends the life of the game.

    Overall its a really good game. just give it a chance because I didn't appreciate the game until I got past the first few levels.

  5.  Better than I expected


    Ive been a big soul calibur fan for more than 10 years since the dreamcast days, so I was very excited when I heard about this realease. However when I read all the reviews I was pretty disappointed due to the lack of proper single player game modes (as you'll read from the reviews below).
    So I didn't buy it at first...when the price dropped to 10.00 I thought it was worth a go. I bought it with full knowledge of the game modes available and expected to be disappointed but I was pleasantly surprised!
    There are a couple of game modes which ive been playing alot: the endless survival and quick battle. In both cases you just fight against lots of computer controlled characters. The gameplay and controls are amazing, exactly like the PS3 version and graphics and sound are some of the best i've seen on the PSP (you even get the random voice over guy babbling nonsense about destiny and the like).
    I've enjoyed playing it and theres also kind of achivements to collect through battles. There are 200 titles to be won and if you beat a character with a certain title you can win that title. It extends the replayablity for all the completists.
    You can also customise your character and with the titles you've earned play against others using Ad Hoc Party on the PS3 (assuming you have a PS3).

    Overall I've had alot of fun playing this game. The low expectations I had initially helped me appreciate the game more for what it is. It definitely could be better and I hope Namco can release another version with proper single player modes but for 10.00 its worth it.

  6.  Great fun


    I didnt enjoy playing the PS3 version of LBP. It was fun but I only played for an hour before I wanted to go back to call of duty.
    I think the PSP is the perfect fit for it. The levels are perfect for train journeys and theres alot of replay value to collect all the stickers. Also although the game just came out there are loads of user created levels! I dont think I can be bothered to create any levels but with all the free levels out there you could keep playing for ages!
    The gameplay is really simple platforming. Just run and jump through each level/ Its simple but fun. Also the music is surprisingly good and catchy! Ive been humming one of the tunes all day!
    Steven Fry does the voice overs and he does a really entertaining job.
    I definitely recommend this game. Its good for on the go but can keep you busy for ages to come.

  7. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.38

     So much fun!


    This game is exellent. The story is engrossing with cool comic style interludes. The controls feel easy and natural.
    I havent completed it yet but im really enjoying it. I definitely recommend buying it.

  8.  Superb!!


    As alot of people have already said, its a mix of res evil 4 and aliens.
    Far scarier than any other survival horror and good game length.
    Story is ok, it feels a little silly sometimes e.g. The engines arent working go and fix them, the oxygen isnt working, go and fix it, the something isnt working go sort it out! I stopped paying much attention to the story after a while and just enjoyed the game.

    Its a good challenge when played on hard also and lasted me around 16 hours when playing first time on hard (maybe im just rubbish!).

    Definitely worth getting. Play with lights off and sound loud!

  9.  Awesome - especially Zombie Level!


    Alot of people have given cod:waw a mediocre review but i absolutely loved it!
    I loved cod4 too and while i definitely preferred the weapons and maps of cod4, i was getting bored of playing the same levels over and over so cod5 is a nice change.
    The graphics are amazing, single player campaign is good (although a bit short) and the old school weapons make it more challenging in online mode.
    The best part is the nazi zombie level that gets unlocked when you complete the single player campaign. You have to defend a house from zombies that are trying to get in a kill you. Its so much fun especially playing online co-op mode! Ive been playing that more than the online versus matches.

    Definitely worth buying. It will keep you busy for hours, just like cod4.