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  1.  Wonder what to say


    I liked this film, it was dark and eminently watchable. Having read the book several times as a boy I was concerned that filmic media would not convey the wierdness but this was great. The acting perfomances were delightful and the film presented good pace all the way through. Beautiful costumes and sets. The down sides for me were the lack of gutsy puch in the soundtrack, nothing ever made me go ooooh! and I think more and better use of the 3D would be nice. Somehow falling down an infinte well was not quite infinite enough, punches, swords and smoke did not quite drift into my living room enough. However this is a little picky because it is such a good story and I can see this one coming out again and again and becoming something of a classic.

  2.  A new world awaits


    I loved this, brilliant effects, brilliant 3D, great story, super surround sound. This film for me delivered everything I wanted ... but then I am a cartoon loving SciFi Fantasy reading super freak. I love to escape and this delivers the ultimate escape trip, I can see I shall be watching this again and again. It is an evolution in the film genre and hit me the same way Star Wars did and Star Trek did. I saw the film 3 times at the IMAX and was worried the 3D blue ray version would not deliver, I needn't have worried. Thank you so much Mr Cameron.

  3.  Never going to be a pasta master!


    I enjoyed this more than Bolt and loved the 3D effects and the story although the sound track was decidedly average. I think this makes a three and half star listing but I am a harsh scorer and Nothing makes 5 stars for me... well maybe Avatar. Mildly amusing but no more and having watched it twice I see it in the pile and am not tempted to push it back into the player to see what little foibles I have missed.

  4.  Despicably good


    An inventive and humourous take on world domination, I loved this. I have now watched it three or four times and I continue to find humour and be tickled by the whole thing. Love the sound effects, love the 3D and I want a minion. This will continue to be a favourite for a long time and sits up there with Shrek. Nearly 5 stars.

  5.  To be or not to be?


    I would say not! At best average with some mild humour in places. No great use of the 3D no surround sound. If you like Elton you will love the sound track though. Poor unresolved version of the bairds classic tale.

  6.  3D Booby


    Bought this the day I got the 3D telly as the only 3D film in the shop. Not funny, not scary, poor 3D. Not quite the worst film I ever saw but definitely headed that way.

  7.  Not a bolt from the blue, just an average film.


    I enjoyed this, It is not a bad film but it is also not a good film. As always with all Disney it is well scripted and produced but I think this one has to be consigned to the childrens film box. It fails to cross the generational interest line the way say Shrek does or the way Despicable Me does and this coming from a cartoon freak :) Brilliant 3D though and worth having in the collection.