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  1.  Must have!


    Had this for a while and fought best write a review on it. This game is simply terrifying and must be played late, in the dark and in silence! Quite simply brilliant! Does exactly what it should do whilst being a great game to play. Not the best game on the PS3 but for the fear factor a 5 star game none the less!

  2.  Another 5 star game!


    I loved every minute of this game! Utterly enthraling and entertaining from start to finish. Yes there are some issues with the game and no it's not perfect but it doesn't need to be. Great progression from the 1st game with an incredibly clever storyline throughout! Many an hour spent completing this game and many an hour spent thereafter! A bargain at the price!

  3.  Tough is being polite!


    What can I say about this game that hasn't already been said? Not a lot. At 14quid an absolute bargain as it will take you an awfully long time to complete! In fact it may take you an awfully long time to complete the first level!! It's an epic game with incredible graphics, immersing worlds, the best combat features on any game I have ever played bar none and most importantly longevity. It can be hard to find games that keep you enthused or interested as I have found but this is one game that does that in abundance! Games like Red Dead, Assassins Creed, GTA5 etc etc also have the longevity but not in the same way. Demons Souls is just harsh, bloody tough but rewarding! This is how a game should be! Bring on the sequel!

  4.  Worth purchasing at the low price


    Just started to write reviews and this is another game I bought at the day of release. Completely disagree with the negative comments that some people have made especially those attempting to compare it to the Bioshock games! This game works on a whole different level and for me works very well. Okay it's not as good as Fallout 3 or Red Dead Redemption but what the game does it does very well. The graphics and style of graphics are very clever and in my opinion outstanding! The storylines are clever and submursive creating a game of such a size to wander around in! I agree however on the weapon change hold up but let'sbe honest, in real life it would take some time which is where other games falter! The reasoning behind the 4 stars is because you can't give halves (4.5) and as said earlier Fallout 3 and Red Deap deserve the 5 along with others! All in all a very good game with lot's of depth and gameplay!

  5.  HHUUUUGGEEEE!!!!!!!!


    Wow!! This game is massive! I bought this on it's release date and as other people have said you simply never get bored of this! So much to do, so much to explore and yet so much variety which is the beauty of such a game! Rockstar really know how to develop a game to the max and this in my personal opinion goes beyond any other game! Still a toss up for me with regards to MGS4 as I am a huge fan of MGS but a close run thing! Buy Buy Buy!!

  6.  Almost the complete game


    The God of War franchise finally comes to a close with it's biggest game of all yet I felt that besides all the work put in and the size of the game that there was something missing? Don't get me wrong, the graphics are quite simply breathtaking and the gameplay is amazing but once I had finished it the second time I have never gone back. I bought the original GOW games and found myself immersed as though I was reliving the past. I loved going back to the originals and may find myself doing the same with GOW3 in the future. Still a must have but I have almost 70 games and of those I could rate 20plus higher in level of entertainment and longevity!

  7.  Classic!


    Had this game since it's day of release and have suddenly thought about giving a review to such a game of quality. Simply the best MGS game if not the best game on the PS3. Has everyhting you would want from a game of it's genre and never tires! Recent games such as Uncharted 2 and Black Ops are in the same league but MGS just for it's history takes the number 1 spot for me! A must buy for all PS3 owners especially at the price!

  8.  Bargain!!


    An absolute must have for all PS3 owners! Quite simply the best superhero game ever after so many dissapointing efforts. At the price it is now a definate bargain. Gameplay is excellent and never seems to freeze, graphics are great and the storyline is immersing! 5 star game!!