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  1.  disappointing


    I love Dragon Age: Origins and really looked forward to this and I have to say its really disappointed!
    Through out the whole game it seems bioware have shoved a majority of there budget into graphics and the rest they have just said "That'll do"!
    The characters and story are weak, not like the first where you really wanted to know what happens next and cared what happend to your team.
    My biggest issue is the locations for the missions, they look good but there tiny compared to the first game and often the same map used over and over!
    People keep saying the combat system is radically improved but its exactly the same, not that I mind, I liked the old system so one good point!
    To sum up Its an ok game with a weak story and weak characters, just a shame that this is all they came up with to follow Dragon age: Origins which was a really great game with great story, better luck next time Bioware :(

  2.  Very frustrating


    Been playing this game for 10 hours now and its starting to get annoying, i like the idea and the battle system but 10 hours and ive hardly got anywhere and only unlocked a few weapons, some of the battles are unnecessarly long, just repeated the same thing over and over for around 20 minutes on one boss! Think this game could have been amazing if they had just made it alittle easier rather than drawing out the missions with nearly impossible battles! To sum up, its and ok game if your a hardcore gamer, if your like me and pick up your psp for a couple of hours a week I would avoid because you wouldnt even finish the first chapter!

  3.  Such a pity


    I'm a star wars fan and fan of the first game but I got to say this game is not worth the money, completed in 4-5 hours, unlike the first there isnt much of a story and what little there is is rushed through and whoever on their production team thought in such a short game that it would be a good idea to reuse the same world for two different levels should be sacked, it looks exactly the same!!! Very very poor, its like they didnt even try, not that they have to they know full well Star Wars fans will buy this no matter how bad it is :(

  4.  a bit disappointing!


    I was a huge fan of the first Far Cry and really looked forward to this game being released but have to say other than the stunning graphics this game seems to have little to offer.
    It is extremley repetitive constantly having to take on the same guard post you fought through five minutes ago, you have to drive for hours while having an enemy jeep/car attacks you every two seconds, the stealth element of the game is appalling with no prone and the enemys seem to know where you are no matter how much you try to sneak by, the weapons look great but when its taking half a magazine from an assult rifle to kill an enemy in an "ultra realistic" game theres something wrong and unless their stood still or 5 ft away you wont be able to hit them anyway and i didnt think this would be possible in a game but there are too meny enemys every character you meet opens fire and not in a good fps way its very repetitive and gets dull very fast due to the poor A.I!
    This game as a perfect example of beautiful scenery and graphics at a cost to gameplay and storyline which is almost non existant!