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  1.  This has got to be the best thing ever!!


    I got my Kinect yesterday after ordering it in June. I love anything new in the technology circles and have been watching this with interest since it was leaked in 2008 ;)

    I set it up on my HD Projector first, but it will not work due to the light beam from the projector and of course the shadows that YOU cast by being in the way - Thought it might cause a problem, but wanted to try it.

    Once it was on the 50" Plasma, all went well - my living room has about 10' x 10' of clear space which is best, but it DOES work in a 6' space, but its not as much fun if I am honest - I tried it by pulling a couch up behind me.
    As for the games, I have Adventures and Sports, both are fantastic fun and a millions times better than anything I have ever seen on the Wii - you have the superb gameplay with the power of the 360 - a winning combination in my opinion. The bowling and Javelin where my faves, and the hurdles reall;y gave me a workout. Today I am aching a bit which means it worked lol

    This technology is still in its infancy and once developers start to push it I think we will see a new genre in video games - especially when the 3D games start to flow out for 3D TV - Imagine how amazing that will be - 3D with Kinect technology - WOW!!

    Anyway, if you have kids or you just want a great way to keep in shape without going to the gym or running up the streets full of yobs, then this is for you.

    Microsoft have done us proud with this kit, although I think the price may be a bit too high for some with the financial climate being as it is - Maybe they should drop it til after XMAS back to 130 squid?

  2.  Great Product, But a few problems


    I had this setup and running in minutes. The picture quality is amazing. Though I would recommend upgrading your harddrive, I upgraded mine to 160gb. This is very easy to use and anyone could easily set it up to record a program. It even has a feature so you can record 5 minutes before, and 5 minutes after.

    You can search for a program over the next 5 days. The niggles on it, are the fact you can't record 2 channels using the scheduler. But you can record a program on the scheduler and pause live tv, recording 2 channels that way. No screensaver is on, when you pause tv. Hopefully these features will be added in the next firmware update.

  3.  It's ok, but..........


    OK first off, Star Wars...Great movies, great idea and ever since the 1st time we seen it, who hasn't wanted a lightsaber? From that I was expecting a game that absolutely blew me away and left me speechless...Maybe I was expecting too much or something but I felt a little short-changed.

    The game, on a technical level, looks absolutely stunning but only plays OK. Camera Angles can be rather annoying and contrary to popular thought, I found all but one of the boss battles a little too easy.

    As for storyline, the idea is great and the 'acting' really allows the player to get 'involved' with the characters. However, it all seemed to be a little rushed to me, with the end just kind of showing up uninvited. As for twists to the Star Wars tale, there were a few moments where I thought to myself "Oh, that's pretty cool" or "Oh, so that's where that came from or how that started" but being honest, there was nothing shocking about it whatsoever.

    Replayability is also an issue, there's only one thing that will change upon a replay and that ending is just as disappointing as the first.

    All in all it's great for a few hours of fun but a lack of multiplayer and the fact that it's so short will leave more than a few people wanting a lot more.

    6/10 from me

  4.  Read On............


    I have been using mine for a few weeks now! I was using an XDA Orbit 2 which is a great phone! I love my Diamond, even though it has some battery issues and can be a bit sluggish on the TouchFlo 3D also no expansion slot but I still love it.

    The Screen is amazing, web browsing is fantastic, because the screen is so clear you find you don't have to zoom in as far or not at all sometimes. You can read goggle searches without zooming! when I turn on my Orbit now the screen looks so low resolution its wierd!

    The accelorometer also comes in very handy for rotating pages and pictures, there is even a great little game which you use the phone to control a ball.

    TouchFlo Looks great, you really don't need to use the stylus at all now, it feel nice sliding along to each tab, the weather tab is cool with animated weather icons and rain that apears on the screen which is then wiped off by a little wiper blade! really nice touch!

    It is very fingerprint prone but as long as you put on the provided screen protector there is nothing to worry about, it all wipes clean!

    Another cool feature is the light sensor which when the backlight is set to auto, it will automatically dim or brighten depending on the ambient light, hence if its really dark it will dim the backlight so you don't burn your retina's!! and the opposite for bright sunshine!!

    The other thing to mention is that the signal strenght doesn't seem to be as good as my Orbit 2, but I haven't had any real issues with that! If you live in a bad area then this could be an issue!

    I only give this 4 Stars due to the lack of expandable memory and the fact it only has a 900mah Battery. If these were better it would be 5 Stars from me!!

  5.  Well...................


    A great pop album with obvious influences from the likes of Morissette and Lavigne. An excellent collection of great pop tunes topped off with superbly crafted lyrics. Every song tells a story on it's own. If you like the work of the aforementioned, you won't be disappointed. Katy Perry deserves better than that though on the strength of this album, she could just prove to be awesome.

  6. Pure


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £22.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.98



    I downloaded the demo off of xbox live yesterday and am truly stunned. The graphics - well, indescribable. You'll need to download it and see yourself to believe it. Awesome music in the background, engines revving - it's like a dream come true. It being made by disney shouldn't be a put off either - my hat goes off to them for actually creating this marvel of a game.

    There isn't a catch either. No 20 second loading screens (longest is about 5), the controls are so simple yet you don't feel as though the game is playing itself - pick up and play at it's best. Other than the tutorial guides voice being american the demo is completely unflawed, and as the full game will be out in 3 weeks i can't see there being much difference with the performance.

    What's more is the online (drool) 16 players? Offline and online? Mayhem! They haven't supplied you with just a dozen bikes either - there's over a 100,000 variations! You can customize your quadbike!

    7 Different environents (reffering to the continents probally) and a little under 50 tracks means you will never get bored - can't wait for the full version and well done disney!

  7.  Too Human!


    What a game!! this is a must have really enjoyed it, should have maybe be longer though.

  8.  Must Have


    I really hate wires and had to have this wireless adaptor but didnt know if it would be any good but it turns out it's amazing i never lose connection to Xbox Live or and game i'm playing which is sometimes better than when i had a ethernet cable, Buy with confidence this product is well worth it even though it is a little on the expensive side for a wirless bridge.

  9.  What a Game!!


    I loved it, This is a must have for the year and for as little as £21.95!! You can't go wrong.