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  1.  simply superb.


    A simply superb game . great game play, and excellent storyline. with enough story changes to keep you interested throughout . The cut cenes are amazing and well worth watching too. one of the best games made. well done naughty dog..



    A horrendous tablet. will probably just bin mine. painfully slow, freezes all the time, browser and launcher stops working all the time, struggles to stay connected with the internet and has the most unresponsive touch screen ever, the only good thing is its size and that it takes a micro SD card to play all your movies ,which is actually the only thing it does well. please do not buy you have been warned , versus you should be ashamed.

  3.  Exellent game worthy of the tomb raider franchise.


    A must buy game for dedicated tombies and novices, exellent story, great enimies and superb targeting, not too easy but not hard either. The only negitive point is some of the camera angles fustrate but no worse than most games, a quick turn or move often corrects, and a few glitches, getting stuck in the sea or a wall or no wepons seen, only crosshairs. quit and reload fixes this, as there are plenty save points this is'nt a problem. recommended buy .

  4.  A good if basic shooter.from early days of ps3.


    Come on people, everyone forgets this game is one of the 1st shooters for PS3 when titles were very thin on the ground (when i say thin i mean non existent) . When i got mine this was the first enjoyable game i got. Sure its basic by todays standards, but thats its charm, just like the old classics, You can pick it up play for 30mins then come back a week later and just pick up where you left. Graphics ok for a 2006 title, game play fair, but the story is what wins, aliens, soldiers and a twist what more do us gamers need ?. YES it's not the best shooter 6yrs on but in a time when all the games seem the same i just wish developers would put a bit more thought into new games like the older ones instead of thinking about money.



    As the other reveiws said most are only game saves not cheats , you cannot use over your own saves or game even, (new game load needed). will not even work on your own game id. You have to run as person who saved game. That means you loose everything you had before so beware !.

  6.  Back to the bargin bin more like it.


    Poor tie in to a classic franchise, got this game last year from the playstation store, and deleted it half way through. It could have been exellent too with longer development. Can't even recommend it for kids as the puzzles would be too hard. Original story line and exellent voices still can't save this one.even at less than 15 quid . Come on developers stop rushing games and give us what true gamers want, A decent game .

  7.  It's not only the ape that is big and hairy.


    WOW ! the best film on blue ray. Exellent effects, great story even if it does'nt get going for over half an hr, but dont worry ! more than makes up for it later on. extended and deleted senes that should have been in the cinema version make this the best BD ever. if you only own 1 blue ray then this has to be it. TRULY AMAZING !!!!



    Great game , as other reviews say but must be played with a move gun, ok with pistol, but superb with machine gun, i bought an MP5 gun for mine and is so accurate, ( i try for just headshots). Full of gore so not for kids, but dads will love. give it a try (dont forget the gun) you'll love it.

  9.  Exellent singer songwriter ! and what a voice.


    I bought this album when it first came out. I still think its an exellent album. I'v also seen him live and is the best act i'v ever seen, anyone who gets the chance t see him should , trust me you won't be dissapointed.

  10. Feel


    Roachford - CD

    6 New from  £2.25  Free delivery

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     A truly exellent artist ! And a music collection must.


    What a voice! fantastic singer great album. if you ever get the chance to see him live , GO! you wont be dissapointed !.