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  1.  Thor is god of thunder


    Thor is a great game and you would enjoy it if you have ever played a Marvel super hero game before.
    There is a big campagin but it repeats itself to much.
    Thor as some amazing powers like thunder, lightning and wind.

    This game is a must buy for people that like other marvel products.

  2.  divinity 2 avoid at all costs.


    Divinity 2 is not enjoyable at all with no thrills and dodgy graphics.
    The graphics are like something you would see in a game for the play station.
    Fighting is dull and boring with no reward at all.
    The game play is not very good with a glitch round every corner.

    I strongly advise not to waste your time or money on this dull game.

  3.  lego star wars is geting old, very old


    Lego star wars 3 the clone wars is not a bad game at all but it is getting very old. The graphics are the same as any other lego games with no new additions.
    Their is some new additions in combat with the new light saber throwing moves. Unlocking new characters is fun but this is also getting old.

    Altogether lego star wars three is still enjoyable but is so old.

  4.  Dynasty warriors 7 is amazing


    I have been a long time Dynasty warriors fan and this is not only the best Dynasty warriors game so far it is also one os the best sword games I have ever plaved.
    The graphics have had a big make over which has made for a better game all together.
    There is over sixty chracters you can play has. Each of the characters have different combos and special moves.

    In my opinion Dynasty warriors 7 is a must buy even for players that weren't a fan of older Dynasty warriors games.

  5.  mindjack


    mindjack is a great game with great visuals and gameplay.
    controls 10/10
    ideas 10/10
    graphics 7/10
    online 9/10
    guns 7/10
    characters 5/10
    script 8/10

    Altogether mindjack is a brilant game with lots of great ideas.