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Product Reviews

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  1.  WooHooooo!!!!!!!


    How good can you get i have already got past 2 of the stages and i am psyched up about it. Defonite buy!!! Free zapper which makes the effects so much better

  2.  Best Fifa Ever!!!


    This is a must buy game it has the amazing control options such as wiimote and nunchuck gc controller and classic controller. I would reccomend this to anybody who is a fifa fan. And the best added feature is obviously the fifa party mode!!!!!!!!!

  3.  Worthless!!!!!!!


    I thought this game was cricket at first. They could at least write on the case what the game is. Waste of my money its worth £9.99 if that. HA

  4.  Dodgy Controls!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i love the game overall but controls just dont work for me.

  5.  Great!!!


    Game seems to Have quite Bad Graphics but the Gameplay is very Good. Could have put 1-4 players i would then give it 5 star. I dont care about graphics i care about gameplay.

  6.  Quite Good


    This game isnt exactly fantastic but it seems quite fun for a puzzle game. Im sure Steven Speilburg could of done something a little bit better than this though.Dont get me wrong it is quite a decent game.

  7.  DK Ahoy!!!


    Great and Solid games Challenges are actually challenging and great multiplater service

  8.  Best Console since N64


    best console ever since N64 because it has so many exciting good games who on earth would put 3.5 for its rating. Nintendo are the best and always. Stuff Sony and there PS3 xbox 360s are quite good. PS3s are LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nintendo Wii,s Rule

  9.  Best Platform Game Ever!!!!!!!!


    So amazing gorgeous graphics/ visuals Nintendo have converted Mario into a Magic Galaxy Hero. It is cool that they added Luigi to the Game at the end if you get 120 Stars. Its so good that they have Put the smash bros together in a game like this. This game is like a Piece of magic. Nintendo Rules

  10.  BORING!!!!!


    This game is quite pathetic in my point of view Nintendo can do way better than this im sure.