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  1.  GAME OF THE YEAR . . . . NO CONTEST !!!


    Hated Oblivion. . . . . graphics were poor, gameplay was slow. Skyrim on the other hand. . . . . . faultless. For the size of the game you really cannot complain !!!! Graphics and gameplay are awesome. I really cannot explain just how big the game is, I have clocked up over 100 hours and there is still plenty for me to do !!!!

  2.  Great game


    It makes me laugh how people can say "It feels lke Black Ops or MW2" Of course it does its Call of Duty ??????? Battlefield 3 is like Battlefield 2 . . . . . Same game !!!! As for MW3 it looks and feels brilliant. Maybe an old engine, but gameplay is smooth and the frame rate is twice (I repeat twice) that of Battlefield 3. The game modes, perks, killstreaks and a decent Campaign make this for me Game of the year. If you want a game that looks great, fun and not too massive to the point of being boring (like Battlefield) then this is without a doubt the best game for you !!!!

  3.  Sniper heaven


    Graphics and sound are awesome, no doubt about it but in typical Battlefield fashion you cannot get out of a vehicle without being killed by a sniper. Very irritating !!!!

  4.  Great game


    You may hear people complain about this game because it is a lot more difficult to get past defenders . . . . . . whats so bad about it? It is very difficult but just makes me more determined to find the most spectacular way possible !!!! It's very similar to FIFA 11, just a few tweaks and it's awesome. Especially Pro ranked match . . . . you no longer get kicked out for no reason !!!!

  5.  GOW3 = Game of the year. . . . . So far


    Top, top game without a doubt game of the year . . . . . so far. How people (Including the number 1 reviewer on this site, sdx800) can claim this to be "Game of the year" so prematurely is silly especially when you have the likes of Fifa 12, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3 & MW3 all still to be released this year. At the moment "Hands down" GOW3 is best so far. Beast mode is a great addition and there is something quite enjoyable about executing Marcus and his team with a head stomp or just crushing them with the Beserker !

  6.  What were they thinking?


    After about a month of trying to convince myself that this game will get better it failed in all departments . . . . . The gameplay is pathetic and you need to pause the game to issue commands and your army can only turn at 90 degree angle's (no diagonal movement) . . . . . What a let down. If this was on Xbox arcade I wouldn't even pay 800 points for it !!!! I'm guessing the 5 star comments are from people who created the game ????

  7.  L.A. NOIRE


    Not my type of game, but have to admit this is awesome. People who are thinking this is like GTA then think again. This is different in the sense you are a copper moving up the ranks interviewing people with the occasional shootout, you have little side missions which are great and helps make the game longer. Graphics are awesome, bit annoying when you have to figure things out especially if you don't think about it, but I would compare this game more to Broken Sword rather the GTA !!! Eitherway a fantastic game which comes with 2 discs so I'm guessing that proves you'll get your moneys worth !!!

  8.  KO


    Great game, but online is annoying as only top rated boxers on there now and my fighter is not good enough to compete with them so I'm limited to single player only. Other then that a great game !!!

  9.  FINISH HIM !!!!


    AWESOME. Been a long time since I've had a MK game and man this brings back memories !!!! Pretty much all classic fighters are there along with new X-Ray moves which look fantastic. Not sure if the Tag team feature is new as I have not owned all games but it's a nice touch !!!! Plus something that I remember playing on the very first MK . . . . . TEST YOUR MIGHT !!!!!! If you like Mortal Kombat games then this is without a doubt a must buy !!!!!