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  1.  Rock Hammer!


    Just, every so often a movie comes out to delight and suprise the senses, and this is one of them. A story of friendship, determination and hope admist the brutally tough and corrupt life of a 1940's prison.

    Outstanding performances from Robbins and Freeman unraviling a script challenging the human spirit, taking you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Don't be concerned about the length as you won't be bored or loose track of events, you'll be hooked on the charecters experiences right till the end.

    I saw this movie quite some time ago, but recently I saw this on stage in London. I was very suprised how many people hadn't seen, or yet heard of this movie to the point I felt it my duty to encourage the ownership of it.

    I recommend this movie to all, because you never know when one like it will come around again. Enjoy.

  2.  Your gona need a bigger boat!


    Well, I don't know how much more I can say that hasn't been said already, but I grew up with this movie and I think it's brill.

    One of the greatest movie scenes ever, is when the shark hunter trio are having a few bevies on the boat sharing their shark tails and scar stories, when Robert Shaw kills the humerous mood with his yarn of the sinking of USS Indianapolis and the daily shark attacks that followed.

    I think this is so well done, how Shaw grabs the attention of the veiwer, what makes it more relevant is the story was a true one. There is something for every one in this movie, thats why all generations love it.

    Any one whos any one should own this all time classic.

  3.  The Kingdom


    The story revolves around a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia aimed at US citizens, however, despite FBI efforts to get in there and investigate ground zero, it is hampared by political and religous rules of engagement.

    With only 5 days on the clock to find the bad guys, the team are finding it hard to get results, after limted success the FBI team is forced home, but its their journey home that things really start heating up!!

    This is a good all round movie, I liked the stylish intro, telling of actual historical events leading to the films storyline. Good performances by all lead actors, well executed action scenes, with a clear message that this battle may be over but the war still rages.

    I got this when it was 2.99 but still worth a buy at 4.99, go for it, if you like this type of movie you won't be disapointed.

  4.  Truely Abyss!


    Wow, I can't believe this movie has so few reviews?? This is a great underwater epic, where Cameron works his magic, money for money I would probably recommend the 2disc special edition, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the single disc.

    Tension is created when a US Navy Seal Team is ordered on board an underwater drilling rig (DeepCore) to assist in the salvage operation of a US Navy submarine.

    Tension grows further when it becomes apparent that the salvage mission is not what it appears to be, and sightings of unexplained light beings try to make contact with the drilling crew.

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, agendas clash between the rigging crew and the leader of the SEALS Team (Michael Bien) who has been seriously affected by decompression sickness. The man is armed, unstable and very dangerous, it ends up being a game of survival.

    There is some fantastic moments that keep you gripped through out the film, good performances all round, but Ed Harries is absolutley brilliant. I want to share more, but you've got to watch it for yourself, buy it, you won't regret it.

  5.  Desert Kings


    This is my 2nd attempt to review this movie, for some reason play.com didn't seem to like my comment about the alternate option of buying this cheaper second hand, even though they advertise it!? So I'll keep it zipped.

    About the movie, end of Gulf War 1 and the Americans are celebrating and wallowing in their own victory, until, a treasure map is discovered, which takes 4 US soldiers on a desert adventure for gold, little do they know they will be forced to make some tough calls on their quest for riches.

    This is a unique story, although a tiny part of it may of been inspired by Kelly's Heroes. In all the pain, humour, heartache and action, the desert wana be kings find themselves jumping from one bad sitution into another.

    To its credit, this is far from being a typical American gung-ho movie, it delibratley portraits various points of veiw about this war, with out being too political, there's enough humour not to take it too seriously.

    Good all round performances, good humble story, entertaining all the way.

  6.  Puts you off a holiday in Alaska!


    Not like your 'Blade' or 'Underworld' type vamp movies. A refreshing style and story line, keeping to the traditional spirit of everyday humans vs vampires. The sound and visuals effects keep you sharing the fear, loneliness and vunrability of Barrows town folk.

    The remote snow setting similar to 'The Thing' starring Kurt Russell, reminding all there is no where to hide! The vamps seem to speak klingon in parts, but do well in their business of killing and rampaging the town. Some great camera work during these scenes, with a good measure of blood and gore through out, also enough scary bits to keep you hidden behind your cushions.

    This movie went beyond my expectations, in a way you want to see more but not at the expense of a poor sequel. So if someone attempts it, I hope it's as good/better than the first.

    This particular 2disc special edition came with a story board booklet which I didn't expect, but a bonus as it has some very stylish comic book art work.

  7.  The Towering Inferno


    Classic 70's style disaster movie with all the big star names of the time. After building cut backs and cheap electrics, it's time to show off the super structure to some city VIP's, but yes, you've guessed it, a small fire in a storage room causes some concern for OJ Simpson (Security Officer) who is wise enough to call San Fransico Fire Department. Steve McQueen (Fire Chief) and Paul Newman (Architect) try to get a handle on the situation which quickly turns into the deadliest high rise fire of all time. This explosive epic ignites the screen with action and deeds of herosim all the way, but when things go from bad to a lot worse, it's up to the cool headed Fire Chief to man up and do the business!! Certinaly one of the best disaster movies I've seen and will continue to see, what would you expect with the same film producer (Irwin Ellen) who did 'The Poseidon Adventure' on the case. For me 'The Towering Inferno' is my favorite out of the two, and it also got 3 Oscars for its efforts.

  8.  Mother Nature At Its Best


    Dave has been working hard capturing this animal imagery, at a tenner this is an absolute steal. Just got a 42" plasma tv and watched it again, the landscape scenes were breath taking 2nd 3rd 4th time of viewing! I would agree with other comments, 'The Blue Planet' is also a must buy if you like this box set.

  9.  Underworld Live - Superb!


    I've seen Underworld live in indoor gigs before and they just blow you away with their unique electronic vibe, but this dvd (of an open air gig) is on another level. It manages to bring their sounds, visuals, stage presence and crowd atmoshpere into your living room, you'll be wanting to climb into your tv set just to be there!

  10.  Broadsword calling Danny Boy!


    You wouldn't think clint eastwood & richard burton a likely duo, but each with their own style of coolness against evil nazis, manage to destroy everything with a swastica. Mi6 agent (burton) and us ranger (2nd rate punk eastwood) take part in a complex behind enemy lines mission to weadle out double agent spies, leaving mayhem everywhere they go. Great score, great plot, great cast, despite made in 1968 the affects still hold there own, it has, and will continue to stand the test of time. A war classic i have seen well over 100 times. Any movie buffs, particular war buffs should have this in there collection. Must see, ace movie!