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  1.  Quite good


    Personally i enjoyed it.
    First film was ok, mildly scarey but i dont think u can class them as horror.
    This film tied in quite well to the first film.
    Creepy when watching the hidden camera footage and you're just scanning the images waiting for something to happen, must admit it did make me jump a few times.
    I think horror fans would be disappointed with this genre of film because theres no gore or nothing, its more about playing with your mind and keeping you on edge ready for the unexpected.
    Worth watching in my opinion but for best results watch it alone, at night and with all lights off... worked for me :D

  2.  Classic carrey


    Great film, typical Jim in his more wild days when he could get away with the totally crazy voices, noises and pulled faces.
    I have my nieces and nephew rolling with laughs when i do the captain kirk and spock part that Jim immitates at the medievil joust haha :P
    My advice is give it a go.. No ifs.. no ands.. no buts... well maybe just a few butts.. BIG ONES!

  3.  Hmm not bad


    Love the film, dont quite love the game.
    This game in idea is brilliant, movie clips to start the game leading to the final battle at his house but with a twist, you take control of Tony and he doesn't get killed. You are left with nothing, no money no drugs no empire, you have to rebuild this from scratch.
    The voice acting is very good and you have names like James Woods adding his voice in there too!
    My only downfall to this game is the engine it's been made on, maybe its my PC that struggles with it, i dont know, but with effects like Antialiasing enabled its really jerky and turn them off and the action and movement is still very poor, the driving is worst and very poor movement. This game feels like it's been ported over to PC from a much older console, something like original PS, you can tell this by the game menus having no mouse cursor movement and the WSAD key controls which i cannot seem to change to arrow keys :(
    Honestly, if it was announced that this game was being remade for xbox 360 with HD graphics and all the trimmings that a decent console offers i would no doubt be paying full whack price for it without a second thought. But for a badly converted over PC version that doesnt feel right at all, its very disappointing.

  4.  Excellent


    I have the first game and enjoyed that very much.
    Just got this on the 2 for 25pound deal and for that money its well worth adding to the collection.
    Very sweet crisp graphics, beautiful scenary and tons of vehicles, aircraft, weapons to check out.
    Love the tweaking they've done on the controls, much easier to use and target with, loving the grapple hook u can use in so many ways, never fails to tickle me when hooking a moped rider to a passing car in opposite direction and watching the chaos ensue lololol.
    If you want a game with lots of free roam and fire power then grab this while its in the classics, you shouldn't be disappointed.. im not.

  5.  Brilliant


    I love this DS game, not really a game more of a life tool lol.

    I'm not very good at cooking, not one for making proper sunday roasts and stuff like that, whacking a pizza in the oven or a pasta bake is about as much as i know, maybe the odd omelette but thats hardly difficult.

    This program makes it so easy to learn, i've so far tried a few english dishes, some spanish and tonight i cooked my folks the szechuan chicken from the chinese list and it was gorgeous.
    The instructions are clear and easy to follow, it adjusts the ingredient quantities depending on the amount you're feeding

    It has speech recognition so u can control the cooking steps just by talking if u have your hands full, this is a nice touch but a little sensitive for my liking, i found the odd clack and sizzle noises from the kitchen moved on / backed up the steps on its own without me wanting it to.

    The only other moan i have is the cooking times, during the steps it rarely tells you how long you should be frying something for but merely gives you a visual thing to look for. I understand some hobs and cookers may act different and vary times so this doesnt bother me too much, just as a beginner cook it does make u panic a little if you're doing it right.

    All in all this game is fab and i love using it, perfect for people who arent too familiar with cooking and are tired of eating the same meals they only know how to prepare.

    also, i have tried the Jamie Oliver game and i thought it was utter pants compared to this, the visual aids are terrible and theres hardly any talking in it apart from Jamie saying the name of the dish which hardly helps me cook to be honest. I'd recommend this one any day.

  6.  Very original


    This game is a great change of pace from anything else available, i love first person shooters and such dont get me wrong but the market seems packed with very similar games.
    Mirror's Edge breaks the mold in my eyes and i take off my hat to the makers for trying and succeeding in this genre.

    The story mode is very good and will keep you playing for many hours. The race mode has its charm too, its free to create an EA account and once you do you'll have access to the ghost runs of other players, try running a race and keeping up with the top players, its very difficult trust me. But they will show you new routes and paths you probably wouldn't spot yourself.

    The game has some combat and it gives you, the player, a choice. Yes you can choose to beat down guards and take guns and use them but personally i felt like i was cheating doing this and ended up dying on purpose to replay the combat but defensive only, after all the main character Faith is a runner, not a fighter.

    This game will make you think and has a lot of replay factor, multiplayer would have been nice yes, but a new concept like this lets give them credit for trying and you never know, download content or a sequel we may see all the areas covered.

  7.  Good, but there are better


    I can see where the mixed reviews are coming from, its a marmite game, u gonna either love it or hate it.

    I was a big fan of the first 2 games on PC, this was purely down to the level of detail and gore that i had never seen in a game before.
    This game uses the graphics engine well, the detail is nice and crisp and bright but the rendering distance isnt very far which annoys me a little, what i mean by this is as your walking forward in alot of places u can see the environment being drawn in the distance.
    The gameplay pretty much matches previous SoF games, there are more realistic shooters and dare say it better handling shooters out there but this has its merits too.

    I do think the gore is a little overboard, u shoot a limb and it blows off, it seems even using the lightest of weapons will take an enemies head clean off. I cant remember the SoF games of old being as crazy as this, unless u had a weapon like a shotgun then u were in for some serious decapitation.

    Anyway, for gamers looking for just another war storyline with the usual wasting every bad guy in sight then for cheap this game aint too bad. 4 out of 5, purely based on the overblown gore and short falls in the graphics and control.

  8.  Superb


    I never had a NES back in the day and used to envy my mates who had them and could play the original Mario Bros.

    This little DS game packs so much fun into such a little console, i love the little extras added like the power ups and the way this game uses both the screens in play.

    This is a must have for a DS owner, not only a great game but a classic for those who want to re-live the NES and SNES era.

  9.  Pedal to the metal


    Most driving games i have seen on the DS have lacked in gameplay and graphics, they just dont feel right, you get the feeling the car could just go round and complete the race if you just left the buttons alone.

    I have to admit this game is pretty well made, the graphics arent too bad, you get front of car or rear follow cam views plus you can view behind you, the cars look like ferrari all-be-it slightly blocky (we are talking hand held though).

    You can pull off some really good tyre-screeching corners that make you feel revved up and gripping the rumble strips to just keep that line into first place, it really does play well, my only gripe is that there is no handbrake, just gas and brake (and gears on manual shift).

    To summarise, this game plays like a big console driving game but with less graphic details, i think it would be nice to see this control and gameplay built into a game with a massive choice of car manufacturers.

  10.  Not bad but...


    I agree with the previous review, yes the game is quite repetetive but i think the combat system is what held my attention to the game.

    There are many different characters who join your group along the way and each with different weapons to fight with, this blends very nicely with the stylus interaction.

    For sword attacks you swipe the stylus across guide lines for accurate and powerful hits, precise timed taps for dagger attacks, magic spells where you repeat sequences and my fave is the bow, pull back, aim and fire at the target.

    I actually found myself running into the enemy instead of sneaking around them just to enter more battles, in my opinion it is what holds the gameplay up.

    I havent seen any of the films but of course read the story as a lad, i think this game plays well but lacks extra gameplay away from the battles, you just wander the map killing everything off until you get to the next checkpoint and cutscene.

    I like this game, but it obviously loses stars for its downfalls, i would say buy it but to be honest its not worth the money, give it a few months to come down in price.