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  1.  One of the best fps!


    I missed the first chronicles of riddick game so i'm glad the put it on the same disc as dark athena, I have played both games now and they are both amazing equally as good

    Just like the game prey but with a bit more stealth.

    The fact that the game is really dark and riddick has night vision make this alot of fun when trying to make a silent kill!
    I reccomend for any fps addict its one of the best out there!

    Also the original game has been re-made so well, graphically it is exactly the same as the new one.

  2.  Best controller ever!


    These controllers are the best i have 2 for my 360 and a wired one for my pc.

    They have a nice feel to them and the analogues are resistant enough for hardcore shooters. They have a nice weighty feel to them (which you dont get with the wireless one) and will last forever.

    Had my first one since release day and its been through hell and still works fine!

  3.  Look after it!


    People keep saying that these break easy, they are fragile but just look after them and they'll be fine had mine for a few years now.

    Sound is great and its light and comfy!

  4.  Usefull


    Nice way of microsoft disguising your money so you dont know what your spending online, but you will need some of these for future downloads like the gta add-on.

  5.  Nice!


    Long battery life! But i did have one that wouldnt charge so had to change it but no probs since.
    Doesnt take too long to charge, can be charged from any usb port.

    I did buy one thinking it would turn my pad into a wired controller for the pc but this does not work it only acts as a charger for the controller.

    Other than that a must have for a 360 gamer who is always killing off their batteries.

  6.  Great for the pc!


    Works with xp 32/64 vista 32/64

    Best controller out of all the games consoles at the mo nice and sturdy well built.

    Only problem is i'm used to the weight of the wireless one from my 360 so this one feels awkward! Would be 5 stars if had a bit more weight to it.

  7.  Overated


    To me this game is quite slow the graphics arnt that good and its not that fun online compared to othe fps like unreal or cod 4/5.

    Its not a bad game just I feel that it has not lived up to the hype.

    Also the new feature of the 360 to install games onto the hard drive doesnt work with this it slow it down making online play impossible.

  8.  worth the money!


    I always thought microsoft were just ripping people off with a subscripstion fee, but you can see alot of hard work has gone into it compared to the online features of the wii/ps3. every game i've played online works so smooth and the features like online party chat and messenger all make up for the price you have to pay.

  9.  Great value MUST BUY!!!!!!!


    This is the perfect buy for anyone needing alot of space for their films games and music etc,

    Loads of storage space and the transfer speeds arnt bad at all considering its through usb.

    Great eco software which works on mac, xp and vista (32 bit only!) and will turn the hdd off when not being used saving electricty and money!
    Also a nice encpytion tool which allows you to protect any data from being read/deleted upto 2gb.

    Comes ready formatted for use with a ps3/xbox (fat32) but will also be read on a mac, linux, xp, vista and so on. As it is pre-formatted as a fat32 hdd, files larger than 4gb you will not be able to store on it.
    So if you want to store files that are larger than 4gb you will need to re-format it in ntfs (which will not be read on games consoles)

    The only way to get around this problem (and is what i have done) is partition the drive into 2 one as fat32 and one ntfs this way you can store large files on the ntfs side and read and transfer stuff from your games console on the fat32 side!

    Dont be put off with the partitioning side of this drive as you will have to do it on any ex hdd if you want large files and read on your console. If you doubt you are going to need it for any files larger than 4gig i'd leave it as a fat32 for compatibility.

    Overall the best external hard-drive i have ever used and great value for money a must buy!

  10.  Amazing! loads of fun


    So much fun i wish i bought the band pack i am now a rock star in my own living room!