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  1.  Works well


    This is a high quality phone, with an intuitive operating system. We have these at work and the users are very happy with it. Many fewer problems reported than the previous phone.

  2. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £8.02  Free delivery

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     Much worse than FIFA 09 on Wii


    FIFA 09 on Wii was one of the best games I've ever played! So much control of the players in pointer mode making it much more fun than the versions on other consoles. I bought FIFA 11 hoping for pretty much the same game, but with a bit of an update.

    Unfortunately in FIFA 11, they have messed up two absolutely fundamental things - pointer controls and the manager mode.

    They've moved shooting to the B button, rather than shaking the controller, but this means both short and long passes are on the A button, and so moving the pass recipient into position is gone, and with it half the joy of playing the game.

    The other problem is manager mode, which appears to have been re-written with 5 year olds in mind. It's so simplistic it beggars belief. Want to buy Torres for Man Utd, no problem - click, plop, there he is - literally, no negotiations or wages, just click & plop. Want to sign a second player? Click, er... "not enough points", what? Wait until next season then. Points are some sort of approximation of time, and apparently buying a transfer listed player (who are all rubbish incidentally) will cost 1 point, but any other player costs 10 points, and there is no search facility to find players with certain skills. You only have 20 points per season (not per window), and selling also costs 1 point each, so after selling 1 player, you can only buy 1 player. It is possible to get given more points during the season, but this is almost entirely down to luck!

    It's quite clear to me that EA decided that only 5 year olds play this game and to redesign it on that basis. Obviously I was mistaken in purchasing it. Over 5s might like to find a copy of FIFA 09 instead.

  3.  Beware of the Width


    Note that the width of this adapter prevents it from being used in Canon HF10 or HF100 camcorders.

  4.  UK Packaging Is Fine


    I have the UK version and the packaging is fine, just a normal 6 disc fold-out box set, nothing fancy and no problems. The picture has a lot of grain, but is still better than a plain DVD, lip sync is badly off in a couple of places. Despite that, main point is that BSG series 1 is awesome, highly recommended. There are plenty of extra features and interviews on every disc, presented with U-Control and picture-in-picture. HD DVD prices are erratic now, so it pays to shop around.

  5.  Er.... it doesn't work.


    This is by far the most bug ridden PoS that I have ever had the misfortune to purchase. It just does not work, even the update feature fails. Tried on both XP and Vista, doesn't work on either. Did not even get near to the stage of attempting to connect the Wii. It either crashes, or gets stuck doing nothing. It's a scandal that any company could release something quite so far from functioning. Total bargepole.