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  1.  I love it, I love it, I love it!


    This is the first book I read by Cathy Cassidy. Was absoloutely glued to it. I've read it a couple times now, never gets old. The story line is great and it's written perfectly too, one of my favorite books. Anyone who has already read Cathy Cassidy books and enjoyed them should get this one as it's fantastic.

  2.  A Good Laugh


    This is great fun, especially when playing on multi player. There are alot of stupid instruments such as rapper, DJ and even cat and dog which are just a good laugh, can't finish the song because your laughing the whole way through.

    I think this is the only game my entire family actually enjoys and can play together because controls are so easy - you can pretty much just shake the Wii remote and your playing the instrument.

    As I said, it's nothing like playing an actual instrument because the movements are pretty vague, just moving it about will get it to make a sound. You don't even control what note you play so that makes the whole thing much easier even if it is unrealistic.

    A great feature of the game is being able to save and re-watch videos. This brings hours of fun itself and being able to design your own CD cover just adds to the enjoyability of the game.

    The Wii balance board feature in this game isn't great, it's quite hard even for someone musical like me but good if your up for a challenge. (And have the balance board, of course.)

    I like this game and would recommend if you want to get more members of the family enjoying the Wii as it's quite easy. Great game!

  3.  Better than DS version


    This is much better than DS version not only because of the city feature but because you can celebrate things like Halloween which I always felt DS version was missing. Would be perfect for small children. One downfall which is we can't seem to get other people to visit on Wi-Fi even when we have their codes. Even so it's a good game with hours of fun to be had.

  4.  Bit boring...


    After playing for a couple minutes the game becomes a drag. Alot of the time you can't guess right because the questions are too hard. The goggles are a good idea but sometimes you can't tell what it says. Alot of the time the player is doing the right thing but the Wii won't pick it up so by the time it does your time is up and the game is over. The only reason I can think of to play this is if you have over 4 players and so can't play other Wii games. If you want some real Cranium buy the board game which is great fun. Definately wouldn't recommend.

  5.  Great Game.


    Amazing game with great graphics and levels. Choice of characters is great, so many to choose from! Playing on the actual game is pretty easy as CPU's aren't hard to beat but if your Wii is connected to the internet you can play against players all over the world which is more challenging and is a great feature. One downfall - on three or four player the screen is so small you can barely see what's happening. Other than that great game. Must have for anyone who owns a Wii.

  6.  Loads of fun!


    Played this solidly the day I got it, such a super game! Wii Motion Plus is a great feature as unlike in Wii Sports where in the golf you can swing the Wii Remote however you like and still get a good hit, in golf on Wii Sports Resort it's much more realistic and challenging. Games such as skydiving, flying planes and swordplay are super. Introduction of badges makes the game more fun as you try to achieve the goals. One bad point is having to buy extra Wii Motion Plus rather than being able to use normal Wii Remote. Great game, definately worth buying for anyone with a Wii!

  7.  Mario wins again


    Although you pay a bit more for this game than the standard Wii game, it's worth it. Amazing graphics and levels, and being able to have 4 players at once just adds to the endless fun. Wii remote is also used in different ways such as tilting and shaking. If you can't clear a level Luigi comes in to help and so you don't become annoyed and abandon the game because you can't complete a level. Am still working on opening up all the World 9 levels now and have had this game a fair while! Must have for Wii.

  8.  Good for a quick game with friends


    There are only 9 games to be played and they're more like mini games, although games are fun and inventive, good to play with someone else, introduces a competitive factor into the game. Good value, especially with extra remote. The purpose of the game is to teach you how to use the Wii remote in different ways and I think it does this well.

  9.  Not exactly brilliant...


    First of all is the graphics. I can tell their meant to be sketchy and cheap, but still is just tacky. And then when playing actual mini games although it shows you how to hold Wii remote sometimes you can't figure out how you need to move it to get through the level. Despite this I was suprised at all the different things you can do with the Wii remote, for example it can detect you jumping and ducking etc. Would be better as multi player but you can't play in this mode until game is completed and for me the draw to complete the game wasn't there when I couldn't complete certain levels because couldn't fathom what I was actually meant to be doing. Wouldn't recommend to buy unless you have played the game previously and know what to expect otherwise may be a disapointment.

  10.  Yet another amazing Mario game


    I think this must be one of the best Mario games available. Wonderful graphics in 3D and so many amazingly designed levels, I have had this a few months and still am not bored of it nor have I finished it, not one of those easy quick to finish games, a fun challenge! A must have for any Wii owner. Although you can have 2 players, this feature is not great as player 2 can only grab coins and starbits and kill the off enemy, can't even move around themselves. But despite this it's an amazing 1 player game.