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  1.  Best to forget they even made a Home Alone 4


    Saw this on TV last year, so glad I never bought it.
    Very bad acting and poor story that does not add up, none of the original cast (I wonder why)
    Very lame...
    Also, why is it in all these films now it seems to be the trend to have families split up?
    I dont know about you, but when I watched the original home alone stories it was not only great because of the festive fun, but because of the love the family show when trying to get to Kevin so they could all be together for christmas!

  2.  Very Painfuly Slow....


    this film is very slow all the way threwout the film.
    my brother-in-law made us watch it because he said it was a great movie, but me and my boyfriend found it very dull and boring...
    sure, the film had its moments, but i felt as if i wasted so much time watching it.
    alot of peole seem to like this film alot, but if your more into fast pased action films with a more intresting story line then "greed", then this film is not for you

  3.  Masterful animation


    A Amazing work of art in motion, Darren Walsh created a wonderful work of animation.
    when i first watched Angry Kid, i thaught to myself "those hands look real"
    They were!
    the animater took a live person, and has used him as the puppet for "Angry Kid", changeing facemasks to create the motion of animation, as the live actor had to remain still for each shot.

    the short storys themselves will have you in stitchis. angry kid is a fowl mouth, imature brat that will have you wetting yourself with laughter.

    yes, it is ardman, but this is part of ardmans darkside, showing there not just about cheese and sheep.

  4.  P-P-P Pick Up A Pokemon Puzzle Today


    This game is very Diffent to any pokemon game you will ever play.
    the art for the game is very diffrent to the other games, looking slightly pop art, and less anime.
    the game is easy to play but as level proceed, it will, like all puzzle games, get more and more difficult.
    try your best at getting all pokemon.

  5.  Fun game for a pokemon fan!


    I am a great fan of pokemon and love this game.
    it's easy to play, and lots of fun.
    you can even use the pokemon on your GBA R/S/E/FR/LG games to make new pokemon shaped islands to race around on.
    non-pokemon fans may not cair much for this game, and i find it a shame that you can only race as pikachu.

  6.  Great item to have in your collection


    if you are as mad about Final Fantasy as me then this item is a must.
    forget about the standerd edition, for £25 you may as well get this beauty.
    the game itself is wonderful, with outstanding graphics and gameplay.

  7.  Best Manga Out There


    What would you do if you found the Death Note?
    Light Yagami knows exactly what to do!
    A Manga that you will never want to put down.

  8.  A New Animation Classic


    An Extreamly well animated film that captures the imagination of all who watch it.
    If you mixed Akira with Pinocchio, this is what you get.

    Could be a bit disturbing for younger children to watch.

  9.  A Great Read that keeps you comeing back for more.


    A book that keeps you comeing back again and again, the storys are bizar and intreging, and some you may have even heard yourself threwout time (i know i have)

    A great book for anyone to pick up, the storys are funny, sick, scairy and haunting.

    Get this book!

  10.  Pokemon Channel


    So, what do you do in Pokemon Channel?

    The answer to that question is is simple, you basicly just watch TV.
    Sure, you can move yourself and your little Pika Buddy away from the screen and go Explore, but it is rather limited.

    Get all the channels and you can then download the rare pokemon Jirachi to your Ruby/Sapphire Game Pack.

    Note. wont download to FR/LG/E or D/P. You will also need a GC to GBA cable also.