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  1.  Like a small camera pack


    If you really want to store all your DS goodies in the same place, this pack will do the trick. It will hold the console, two spare styluses (which are included, by the way), your car adapter (also included), the basic charger, earphones (again, included), games and then some. For someone like me, who usually forgets to pack the important stuff, like, say, chargers, it's very convenient to store everything related to my DS in one place like this. The only minus is, that the compartment for the DS isn't padded - then again, it IS inside the bag, so I guess it's still quite well protected. All in all, a good buy.

  2.  Very warm and comfy!


    I am so much in love with this hoodie! It is very warm and comfortable - the inside is made out of that fleece-like stuff, which means that with a another shirt under this, you don't really even need a coat (unless it's like -15 celcius or more). You can wash it at 40 celcius and the fabric seems to hold color very well. Maybe the hoodie is slightly lighter tone of blue than which is shown in the picture, but it didn't really bother me. Worth the money.

  3.  Great for learning kanas and right pronounciation!


    This game really addicts you - to learning a new language! As far as learning the basics go, this really beats a book and a cd; the game lets you record your pronounciation and compare it to a native's, so you know how you REALLY sound, instead of just trying to mimic a casette and THINKING you got it right. I also found the kanas really easy to learn using the game. A completely different experience compared to cramming them up with a book in on hand and a dictionary in another!

    All in all, this game is all I expected, and even more. Four stars because I can understand if someone who just wants to learn to speak the langauge gets frustrated that kana lessons can't be skipped and of course, if you really want to speak fluently, you'll have to get a grammar book to help you along the way. However, this is very quickly becoming my favorite game, and I'm thinking about buying others in the same series. A great buy at a bargain price!

  4.  In my top 5 of all times


    I had the pleasure of buying this book from a flea market about ten years ago. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone could have sold it - it's one of the best books I've ever read, all genres included! I've recommended to anyone and everyone I know that like reading - yes, it's that good.

    What I love most in this book - and in the Farseer trilogy in general - are the characters. You can't help but be drawn in by Fitz. The world Hobb creates is also a splendid one; original, believable, easy to enter and to dwell in. The plot flows well and even though it's told in the first person perspective, it won't make you claustrophobic to be inside his head. Simply put: brilliant!

    Also sincerely recommended; the Liveship Traders -series. It might even be better than the Farseer-trilogy. Soldier Son is good as well, but more like 4 stars. This series, however, is pure gold.

  5.  Magical Girl yet again


    Pretear is a show for the fans of the Magical Girl -genre and reverse harem -type of series. It's about your typical heroine saving the world with the help of seven boys, who, of course, represent different types of men girls usually are attracted to; you have the cool and silent type, hot blooded and talkative type, the small and cute type... Add a bit of Cinderella to the mix and what you have is Pretear. Apart from the pretty generic plotline, some of the GFX is a bit disturbing as well... But if you can get past those, or, if you're just stating with anime and find this summary to sound interesting, for the price play.com offers, even I might order it to watch it again. It's not that the show is bad, it's jsut not anything that special, either... But if it weren't for the price, I would have given only 2 stars.

  6. Delirium


    Cirque Du Soleil - CD

    9 New from  £8.67  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Great performance needed great music


    I bought this CD after seeing the show in Helsinki. For one that has seen the act this music is from, the CD's golden. And it is a pleasuru to find well done musc that has a touch of that something else in it, even if there were no fond memories attached.

    Delirium's music has some really memorable songs, but most importantly, the CD's whole and an act on its own. And the music certainly did not stumble second after the show on stage; I remeber being confused as what I should be paying attention to, the acrobats, the singers, the video-show? This is no mere back-ground music, and listening to it, you drift to another world.

  7.  Great value


    A recommended buy for anyone who owns a DS Lite. Great value for your money: even if you only want a carry-case, you should concider buying this pack, as you never know if you'll need the car-adapter or the headphones in the future and bought seperately, you'll lose a lot. And getting the screen-protectors and 4 cases for games just polishes the package. No wonder they are out of stock while I'm writing this!

  8.  Recommended


    Definately worth the money. The only dissapointing thing about the pack has been that the other one of the two rubber bands that keep the DS on place has gone soft with the use, but for this prize, can't complain.

  9.  Cought me very quickly


    I've been playing this game for 5 and half hours now and I must say I am compleatly taken in by it. This must be one of the best games I've played for a long time, DS, GC and PS2 included. Be sure you have your DS charged well before starting this one!

  10.  Short but engaging


    Another Code truly opened my eyes to all the possibilities of the DS: it makes the most of the portable device. The plot and characters are interesting and there are a lot of things you can do in this game: however, as not all of them are required for passing, the game is short lived and therefor I give it 4. With more game-time, this would certainly be worth 5+.