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  1.  la chupacabra


    Pretty decent movie here not the best, not the worst but all round good family fun, la chupacabra (the monster) gets mentioned a few times and wreaks havoc as in a usual Scooby-doo fashion. Nothing especially special here but a good watch.

  2.  Scrap attack


    Nope this is not the worst one!! Underrated if you ask me. Its not award winning stuff but it is enjoyable fun with alot of laughs and a pretty good mystery. Note no gang with Scobby and Shaggy here but Scrappy does join them so not for the Mini doo haters! Boo brothers were good, quite funny, in a stupid way.

  3.  The wicked witch of New England


    The voice talent is strong here wit the extra introduction of Tim Curry as fright-writer Ben Ravencroft. The story and town they visit holds lots of surprises for the gang and some returning characters from some of the other movies. A good addition :-D

  4.  Shaggyyyyyyyyyyy


    Now this is one to watch, the more i see it the better it gets defo in my top 3 Scooby Movies and my 4 year old likes it to it was his fav for a while, when he was watching it over and over i began to like it more and more. Very funny!!!

  5.  Top 5?


    Ok alot of people are praising this as the best Scooby movie... Although its pretty good its not the best one in my opinion. It does have a good story and a few funnys but its all a bit crazy at the same time lol. I think someone was watching to much X-files. Summing up though a good family film well worth a watch. The 1 star review is very harsh really but each to there own you know.

  6.  Scare factor


    I think this maybe the scariest of the scooby movies i have seen its Very well animated has great voice acting and a fully creepy story that will keep you guessing till the end. I cant praise this enough, if anyone thought there wasnt any more original ideas for scooby think again. They threw a bunch of things in to this and somehow it all works! Great!!!

  7.  Super Cyber!


    A great edition to the collection of Scooby-Doo DVDs. This one is pretty fab its got good monsters and references to scooby history, Monsters and such. yep really good! As the other reviews will back up im sure.

  8.  Loch-ness pests


    Well animated, reasonable good characters the old loch ness story told again in a scooby doo style, Pretty funny, i liked it. I feel the other review was a tiny bit hard on this Movie but i guess it could feel like it dragged on a little bit.

  9.  If you dont mid...


    If you dont mind Scrappy-Doo, Its not a bad edition in my opinion the School kid were quite funny, but the Age shows a bit on this one. I do agree with the other review on to points there are better scooby movies out there and Scooby and Shaggy are the Stars here.

  10.  Its Magic


    Plenty of reviews here to go by so i wont rabbit on, on this one. Its a good movie good characters and story. Not the best mystery but there is enough in it to keep you guessing a while. I personally enjoy Mathew Lillard as Shaggy so thats a thumbs up on that to.