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  1.  great high quality protien


    hello im currently on this aswell as halo gota say increased in size and strenth after just a week

  2.  best muscle building product there is


    I've been a fan of muscle tech since I started training its a shame play.com don't advertise that they supplements otherwise I would of started buying from here ages ago. I took a break from the gym for 2 years started two weeks ago and already starting to see size bk and definition and massive increase in strength

  3.  AWSOME


    must have i prefer this to the ruined cod MW3 only down side is the ppl online



    Hello i bought with a bundle and i aslo own the old console this one is awsome the wifi is outstandng better then the separetly sold wifi adapter defintly worth an upgrade at these prices bu get the 250 gb one ull save money rather than buying one after like i have



    ive got the more expensive two antena wireless adapter its brilliant and ma mate got this i dont see the point for and extra 6 pound to a tenner you can a far better one that will last alot longer but i must mention this aswel for all those thinking weather to upgrade to a new console or just keeping the old one and get one of these my adapter is good but compared to the new xbox its just dosnt compare the new xbox s has connected up perfectly to my mifi device its awsome never lost connection the console better built and quiter im still keeping my old as i have one in my living room and bedroom but sooo glad i upgraded

  6.  great dvd at bargain price


    Not going into full detail but my gf loves this movie jesus! ive watched about fifty times :( stil alryt thou and thanks to play.com saved me a thew quid renting it. this is the cheapest price youl find new so grab a bargain :)

  7.  BARGAIN !


    decent quality perfect sound what more can you ask for

  8.  brilliant


    hello bought for my xbox 360 as i was sick of money on batteries defintly worth the money and bargain

  9.  Brilliant


    must have for xbox live fans works perfectly with mifi device



    Ive had this phone for about a week and half now and have to say its perfect i spent alot of time reading reviews and looking on em on youtube with it going against the sansung galaxy s2 i have to say on some of those review the phone seem slow but mine has been perfect loads massive web pages in seconds. I prevesly have had iphone 4 3gs and htc desire and had a play around with the saunsung galaxy s2 and have to say to me the htc wins un like the desire you can now watch bbc iplayer and download full hd movies or rent them for around 3 pound aswel and obvasly better and faster in every way compared to the desire.As for the htc against the sansung galaxy s2 well lets just say the s2 has got nothing that compairs to the sensations interface the s2 is boring dull yes the colour screens better in day light and if you watch it at an angle but who gonna do that! also the so to build quality is rubbish tacky plastics and sansung screen dont tend to last long mabe this phones different but my girlfiend was a big fan of saunsung but her phone screen kept on going same when she upgraded to the galaxy one all in all the sansung might be a bit faster on the internet but if you want a phone thats well built and can do everthing then you aught to look past the slight difference in speed and get the htc sensation. AS i keep saying how good the htc is here is the bad part htc just released a new phone called the htc sensation xe 1.5g prossecor loads of extra this phone been at for three to four months absolutly shocked and annoyed at htc disgracful treatment to bring out a better version when alot of fans have got this phone im that anoyed that next time im gonna get another iphone the easyier to text and at least apple respects its customers enough to weight a year before releasing a better one ! if you have complain to htc about what theyve done!