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  1.  Worth the Price


    With the included 6 films this is worth the price, it seems to play Bluray fine (not as fast as I'd hoped but faster than a previous machine I had).

    I'm having a few issues playing MKV files from an attached hard drive, after about 10 seconds the films start to stutter and no matter what I do, I can't resolve this. AVI (Divx) films appear to be fine.

    Also worth noting that this device does NOT support Samsung Allshare as per the web page (it will not connect to your PC remotely).

    Despite the above, I will be keeping this unit because as a basic Bluray player it works fine.

  2.  Good for the price


    Product arrived in a secure wooden protected enclosure which was a comfort, it's also quite heavy!

    Assembling was straight forward, can easily be managed by one person (after the initial top shelf is attached it's just a case of sliding the pieces together). My only concern was one of the seperators used on legs was broken in half (plastic) which thankfully still did it's job when assembled. Once assembled, the product looks quite good, I'm certainly happy with it. Note you can put the different shelf heights in different positions if you prefer.

    Works well with my Onkyo AMP, PS3, HD DVD and SKY box (note that the cable tidy attachment as with all of these cheap shelves are a waste of time so I've not used them!).

  3.  Works a Treat


    Working fine in my Nokia N800 (must be external slot only, internal only suports 2Gb). What else can I say, it either works or it doesn't!

    Now need to get a memory card reader that handles HC cards (cause of many customers complaining is their card reader does NOT support HC cards).

    It's amazing how cheap these cards are becoming, I remember getting a 1Gb card for nearly £80 many years ago :(

    Tried in my Nikon D50 but doesn't work, however I'm not sure that is HC compatible so I've not down rated it just in case it's the camera. Works for the reason I bought it so I'm happy.

  4.  Don't waste your money


    I'm really not sure what this is trying to do apart from getting in the way of the controller. By installing a very cheap looking/feeling piece of plastic does nothing for the game play, save your money and use it towards another game or controller or anything (a bottle of wine maybe!).

  5.  Could be so much better


    I enjoy this but only when that annoying man stops repeating himself everytime, why can't you switch him off!

    I'm also a little concerned about my age, look on the bright side I should be drawing my pension judging by this game O)

  6.  Excellent value for Money


    This by far gets used more than any other DS game card I have, so many classic games and games I've wanted to learn for years but until now never have (Backgammon for instance which I now play daily). Much more a relaxing option than some of the modern arcade type games, also keeps you brain busy!

    If you own a DS console, this should be in your collection.

  7.  Works well as my media server - UPDATE!


    I have a 500Gb WD external drive attached to one of the ports, this currently holds over 600 video files, all can be accessed by my Philips Streamium player downstairs.

    - 2 x external ports
    - Works with my Philips media player (no more leaving the PC on!)
    - Supports a USB printer
    - Very good network drive (no drivers required!)
    - Handles FAT32/NTFS on external USB drives

    - Doesn't allow full control of external USB drives if not in native format (i.e. can not directly store files on drive!).
    - User interface seems slow to respond (considering I have a 100mb connection)
    - Some options not straight forward.

    I only gave it the 4 stars because of my negative remarks, however I do like this device and it's working fine for me. If you need a network drive then this is perfect, if you need a media server then this works (for me).

    UPDATE : I've now downgraded this to 3 stars, still works fine as a network drive but the media functionality has been problematic and I've stopped using it for this purpose!

  8.  4Gb working like a dream


    I've now installed 4 of these memory sticks bringing my system to 4Gb (initially ordered 2 but impressed and had 2 extar slots on my motherboard!). In terms of price then you can't get any cheaper at the moment (ebuyer over £40 for 2 plus delivery!!!). If you need some extra memory (let's face it windows likes memory!) then install these. Easy to fit, each comes in it's own protective plastic box (so no hands touching the modules!), you can't go wrong.

    P.S. it's unlikely you'll noticed the difference using these against the 667Mhz modules which are an extra £10, so if you're not sure go for this memory - it's better value :)

  9.  Got to be one of the best films ever


    Considering the year this was made, this film is truly amazing. I know people as children who were scared by the witch and even today can not watch the film, what a shame because for me this is a top 5 film of all time.

    A must for anyones DVD collection.

  10.  What a classic


    I love this film and so do my kids(I'm 39), sometimes the old films are still the best. Arthur Askey is so funny, if you have a good sense of humour you'll love this film.

    My only issue with this and so many other old films is why do they cost so much (crikey everyone in this film is now dead so who's taking the royalties)!