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  1. Rage


    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     Good, but too short.


    Great game but a little short. However, you will probably want to play it through more than once. It is a lot like other 1st person shooter games, but they have some RPG elements and a nice variety of enenmies so you are not shooting the same old poeple. Storyline takes a bit to appear but throughout most of the game you are left wondering, who are the Authority? Also, people who complain about having to do a mission all over again, you can save at lots of different points in the game and can save at anytime during most missions so you don't have to start them again. The minigames are fun (never seen five finger fillet done like this before) and there is a good, but small variety.The major downside of the game is that single player only lasts about 10-20 hours but there is still an online with co-op and competitive gameplay.

  2.  Amazing


    This game is my favourite game on Xbox. It starts you off progressing through the years from a young child to adult. Then it has a fairly gripping storyline but there are plenty of others beside the main one and they are all fun to do because of the variety. The gameplay is fantastic and will keep you going for at least 50 hours, especially with all the add-ons. This game is a must have!

  3.  Epic Game, A whole new world


    Fable 2 doesn't grip you very well at the start, you find yourself a child doing boring tasks, save for the warehouse. But if you play through that you find a great world to explore with lots of choices. Date people raise a family or two and then juggle between them keeping each family happy. My favourite aspect is that you can become a landlord, and be good and lower the prices or be ruthless and raise them for maximum money. The weapons are great, and although you can't die it still is a very fun gripping game and can be difficult in some places. It's a must have game. 10/10



    I bought this game from play.com when it was 13.99 great bargain for a game like this. You'll be playing it for ages so make sure you've played enough of your other games. I got this game on the day i got my xbox so i had 8 games in total. I played about 2 other games for 45mins together, then i played this and was playing it all week and nothing eles. Great game, great graphics, endless fun, must buy.