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  1.  Almost a British Classic?


    Great movie that is now almost 30 years old!. A 2 disc set with Blu ray on one & DVD version on the other, both with the same average extras on each disc. One of the previous reviewers states 5.1 Dolby surround- this is incorrect both versions are mono & you will need your own surround system to spice things up a bit. Blu ray picture version is slightly better but you have to remember this was made in 1982 so they can't perform miracles. Over all 3 stars as it still holds your attention & the last 20mins are worth the wait. Worth buying if in one of Plays sales or Deals of the Day offers

  2.  Unthinkable but so watchable!


    This is one of those films you hear about that seemed to miss a cinema run yet after you watch it you can't think why it wasn't more successful. Very well acted, clever story line & a must watch

  3.  Not Happy!


    I was so looking forward to this release but I am left very disappointed. What is not explained is that each film is split over 2 discs(6 of the 15) to allow all the extra commentaries + what they say will allow the best picture/audio quality. Whilst I applaude the extras(2 stars) I can't help thinking if they'd have ditched the 4 commentary tracks we would have the film on one disc & not something that reminds me of when DVD first started out & you had what was called a "DVD flipper" i.e halfway through the film you had to get up & turn the disc over to watch the 2nd half of the film-this is no different. Sorry to sound so negative but for 55 pounds buyer beware.

  4.  Is it so special?


    I was hoping this would be the same edition as what the U.S are getting. WRONG. While they have a 6 disc edition that includes previous dvd editions(this gives you all available extras to date) + a digital downloadable copy we have the bog standard 1 disc edition. While the bust does look nice I don't feel it is worth the extra £62 you would pay for the normal bluray edition. Can't fault the Blu ray, you have 3 versions of the film, theatrical, special edition & extended special edition again all previously released on dvd but now in crisp HD & DTS-HD 6.1 sound. The 3rd version is accessed by inputing the day "judgement day" happened 29th august 1997 (input 8-2-9-9-7 thats how the americans do it!) & their you go!. I would give the blu ray 5 out of 5 but as I have said I expected more especially for the price so 2 stars deducted for this.

  5.  Classic film, average sound, am I expecting too much??


    Zulu is a classic without a doubt. The picture quality on this bluray is excellent the best you can expect considering the age of the film, but considering they remastered the picture they have done nothing with the sound & you get just the plain Dolby Stereo track, hence 2 stars deducted. Paramount need to pull there finger out if they expect people to buy these films again(probably for the 3rd or 4th time) & just make that bit more of an effort

  6.  Could be so Much Better


    Having enjoyed the original Italian Job I was looking forward to this remake which I think turned out ok but could have been so much better. I love the new shaped minis & the car scenes in this so this was my reason for purchasing it on bluray. The result is very disappointing, average picture, no dolby truehd sound & extras that are the same as it was on dvd. Paramount could have made this release so much better, after the excellent Transformers I just expected a bit more

  7.  Better Than Average


    Wasn't disappointed at all with this 2nd sequel. Johnny Depp is superb as Jack Sparrow yet again. DVD left me annoyed as no DTS like the first two, can only assume this is because of the length of the film. Will upgrade to Bluray when trilogy is available (All DTS!)